Monday, August 31, 2009

doing as I'm told

Yesterday, my hubby said something I never, ever thought I would hear him say.

As he was leaving for work, he yelled over his shoulder "make sure you blog today!" and then closed the door.

After I recovered my senses and picked myself off the floor, I felt a little lost.

See, dear Hubby has been "disliking" my new blogging "habit" since it began. I have many witnesses to this fact. He is pretty vocal about it. His coworkers know all about it, family, friends. They have all heard my hubby rant about my blog. One of my girlfriends didn't believe me, but after she spent a little time around my hubby she said "Wow, you weren't exaggerating about you Hubby!". But I've kept going, hoping that one day he'll warm up to my new hobby. There are so many good reasons for me to keep blogging.

Reasons why Tori should keep blogging:

1. It's cheap. When I compare his hobby of golfing to my blogging, well, that's a "no brainer"

2. It updates the family and friends back home on our move to Illinois (my original reason for starting this thing).

3. It gives him complete control over the TV remote in the evenings. I can sit and do "bloggie things" and he can watch whatever he wants (it is football season-hello?!).

4. It makes me happy and "if momma ain't happy", well you know the rest.

5. I could be doing worse like drinking, doing drugs, and having sex....wait that was one of
Mac's latest arguments, never mind.

So you're probably saying "He is giving you permission! Why are you giving us lists of why you should continue?".

See, I think dear Hubby is just being a little sneaky. After 19 years of marriage, I think he has finally figured out one of my, what I like to call, "little personality quirks" (I really do think it's taken him this long!).

I feel silly admitting this to everyone, because I'm sure I'm the only one out there that feels like this, but I have a problem with people telling me what to do. And it's gotten really bad. I originally thought it was something left over from my teenage rebellious years but then I began to notice it getting worse as I got older.

If you ask me to do something for you nicely, I don't seem to have a problem. But if I feel like you are telling me what to do, it's like a switch going off inside of me. It can be as simple as noticing a tone of the person asking or the way they word their request.

And it's not just dear Hubby that I have this problem with, it can be my kids, or friends, or anyone. It's definitely something that I'm trying to make better.

Now that I have completely made myself look like a nut case (what is it with me blogging about my previous well hidden quirks?), I think that is what dear Hubby is doing--pulling the whole "reverse psychology" thing.

Or he could just want me to post pictures of the living room paint job.

To show that the colors he picked were okay. (we still haven't got the curtain hung or the surround sound up but we are getting there)

And that I would like them. And he could say "I told you so" (which btw, is one of his "quirky little personality traits" that drives me crazy!)

We all have them. Right?


mommyto3kiddos said...

I love the color in your living room! So cheery. :)

Patty Reiser said...

You are not alone. Many times I will get irked when people tell me what to do, including my children. (I guess this is why I am in business for myself now.) When they do this to me, I stop them and try to explain that its nicer if they ask. I try to remember this when I need them to do something for me.
BTW, I love the color on your walls. I have never been one for white walls. Too boring. The yellow is so cheerful and cozy.
Wishing you a scent-sational day!

Mary said...

Hi! Popping over from SITS Roll Call to visit.

If my hubs said that going out the door I'd think he was being sarcastic. It took me taking him to Julie & Julia for him to "get" the whole blogging thing, and actually I told him while I watched J&J he could go see a more "manly" movie and I wouldn't mind. He chose to go with me and he laughed as much as anybody. I think men just think that THEY are supposed to be the center of our worlds and they get a bit "jealous" of other endeavors we undertake, that they don't get, like blogging. They feel left out. I do sit in the family room with him while he is watching tv and use a laptop, so we do interact - I think that helps. Thank goodness football season has started.

Great job on the living room walls - love it!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Oh Gawd....husband vs, blog. Welcome to my world! He detests my blog but you know what? He has all hisc o-workers up to speed on my blog. They all look at the stuff I post and he critiques it sometimes...

So as much as he hates it he still gets people to read it-hahahaha

I don't get to go hang out with my buddies, or fish, or play golf, or spend $60.00 to enter a football pool. I blog. No harm done in that.

Control freak.

Oh wait, we are talking about you. Sorry. I forgot, lol!

I do love your living room. It looks like something out of a magazine. So cozy and warm :)

Good luck with the Man vs. Blog!

Anonymous said...

Well I must be the one to blame for the "don't tell me what to do" gene. Don' let it make you feel bad just give them the "did you mean will I do that PLEASE! Gene pool source.

Lucky Girl said...

Are you TELLING me to comment or ASKING me?? I need to know..

(BTW: I LOVE the color!)

Deborah said...

You are just too funny, it's true, my husband and most of my family keeps complaining about my blog also.. HMMM, I think I should write about them, they never read it anyways!!