Tuesday, August 11, 2009

back to school

It's getting close to be that time again....only 14 more days!

Or at least it is here in Illinois. My kids are hating everyone back in Michigan who don't have to go back until after Labor day. According to them they got "jipped" this year on summer vacation because of the move. Got out late in Michigan because of the later start and now have to go back early (whaaa,whaaa,whaaa).

But I'm getting pretty excited.
I remember when the kids were younger I looked forward to the kids going back to school because I couldn't wait to get a break from all the constant chaos in the house. Now because of the move and the fact that we don't know too many people around here, they are driving me crazy with their laziness! It's a "treat" if they get up before noon. Yeah, I could wake them up, but then I would just have to listen to them whine like crotchety old men. No thanks....the older I get, the more I enjoy peace and quiet.

We have gone out and found some fun things to do around here this summer. And we had friends visit so that's been nice. But I think if I had to do it again (and I probably will) I would have moved the kids during the school year. I thought it seemed cruel to pull them out at the half way mark but at least they would have been submerged in the new community right away. Instead of this three months of missing friends and spending too much time thinking.

I do think the kids have become closer in their relationships with each other, so that's nice to see. They sit together and talk and play games, which didn't happen much before. Mac has been doing a lot of reading which, as a book lover myself, makes me happy to see. The other day she came up with this contraption.....

She lays under it to read and then doesn't have to use up her energy holding the book....yes, book reading can be very exhausting!!!

Tony has his accomplishments too... He has master his back flip on the trampoline....I'm sure that will come in handy somewhere in life.

And Bud is on a big adventure right now.

Bud and two of his friends are driving this little non safe looking car across country to Vancouver Island BC to drop a friend off at college.

They camped in the Bad Lands the other night and didn't get eaten by anything so far....so I'm good.

The next two weeks are filled with visitors....

We've got this guy coming...

This is Uncle Mark. His visit will be the highlight of the kids summer because there is no one cooler than Uncle Mark! Tony wants to be "just like Mark" when he grows up....thanks Mark....that means he will never get married and will ruin my plans for at least 3 grand kids from each of my kids. Oh and btw Mark, I stole this picture of you while I was facebook stalking you...don't you feel special? (or creeped out a little?).

And Nae will be home tomorrow for a little while before she heads back to college. I'm sure these next 2 weeks will fly by.

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K @ Blog Goggles said...

That book reading contraption is awesome!