Wednesday, August 12, 2009

blogging love...

This blogging thing has definitely got me intrigued.
I feel like I'm such a newbie.
I've been spending time (a lot of time...shhh, don't tell my hubbie) looking around the blogosphere....can you say addicting?

There is clearly some kind of blogger etiquette....
I just haven't figured it out yet.

Like followers....I'd like some more of those.....please....
I know people are reading but how do you get them to "follow" you?

And to comment or not? That is the question....I don't want to seem like a stalker on some of the blogs I like to read everyday (cuz I don't know these people)....but I know I appreciate comments....and everyday (thank you Kim and Pam!!!!)

And I'm wondering if I put too much information out there. Is it safe? It would be pretty easy to figure out exactly where I live.....and what about my kids? While blog bouncing (someone give me the correct term...please!) I've noticed that lots of people refer to their kids by initials or by number or by nickname (it has to be nicknames or I'm really scared what people are naming their kids now a days). Should I go back and remove my kids real names?

I signed up for this service that I noticed a lot of the other blogs I've stumbled upon have. It's called Sitemeter. While I love that fact (and am encouraged to keep going) that I can see people are visiting my site, it is also a little disturbing. There is an area where I can see just how people found my blog....even the phrases they typed into google. Yikes! Lets just say my post on Cavalia part 3 has some interesting hits....and I thought that I was very vague in how I worded that post as to not attract any creepers....boy was I wrong! All it takes is a series of words to appear somewhat close together and bam you got freaks (mine was girl, innocent, and beautiful---oh great now they will get this post---go away creepers nothing for you on this lame little site!!!)

But there is definitely a tight blogging community. Lots of blog love passed around (I'm talking about encouragement and friendship). Because blogging can be a little scary. Writing something and putting it out there for everyone to see (my friend Pam likens it somewhat to giving birth). And I've never tried to write something for other people to read except some letters back in the olden days....before email, texting, and cell phones. But I've always wanted to try....and here there is a whole community of people who are willing to say 'hey I took a minute and read your post'....and that's pretty cool.

Anyways, I feel like I need some blog guru to guide me. I have so many questions....I'd be a good little minion....I swear.


Anonymous said...

I like it so keep it up. Now if I only new what a Cavalia is?? It sounds like it could be a fish? Shows you what I know!! Love ya KT

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

I found your blog through my sitemeter and saw you were following me and I immediately felt I should follow you :)

I read through some of your posts, like the secret keeping (or lack thereof!) and I really enjoy your blog! I'll be back for more!

Oh and there is a site called The Secret is in the Sauce, they are like a sisterhood for blogs. They are called SITS for short. Check them out if you are looking for more blog love and followers, just get to know them!

mommyto3kiddos said...

I'm not an expert on blogging either, but certainly love doing it. We were talking the other day though about how much info you really should put out there. I guess I never thought about changing names or anything like that - hope you don't think my kids' names are fake. :) Anyway, no expert advice or anything like that - I just love reading your blog! :)