Friday, September 11, 2009

tough lessons

We are in the process of learning some tough lessons here at our house.

And I'm not talking about the kids.
I'm talking about the Hubby.

Dear Hubby did something in a moment of weakness that he is regretting terribly right now.

He promised Tony a puppy.

I have to hand it to Hubby, he has been strong and held his ground for many years. He has resisted many tears, quivering bottom lips, and big sad doe eyes from his "little man". He has willpower that I admire when it comes to saying "no" to our cute little manipulator. Something that I fail at miserably over and over again.

I would have caved years ago.

It was back in October of last year and Hubby and I had decided that the offer to relocate to Chicago was worth taking to the next level of consideration--which meant discussing it as a family. I expected screaming (ie. "No way! I'm not going!" or "you're ruining my life for even asking!" or "how can you do this to me?"), stomping of feet, slamming of doors, or my teens never speaking to us again.

Instead, they handled it amazingly well. Lots of questions. Realizing it was probably the best for our family. Some quiet tears.

That was when it happened. Tony, teary eyed, quietly crawled into his daddy's lap. I don't know if he actually asked for the puppy then or if Hubby just felt so terrible that he blurted out "you can have a puppy".

Either way, the words had been spoken. As good as a promise in our house.

So Hubby is painfully giving in. He has to set a good example for the kids after all. But he's not happy about it. I can see him almost grimace as we talk about different dog breeds and which one would be best for us. I think I saw him cringe when we talk of the cost of a puppy and all that goes with it (this is gonna hurt his wallet almost as much as his pride).

But I think it will be a good thing. I'm looking forward to the new addition. I have lots of time on my hands to take care of the little guy.

In the end, I'm sure there will be a lot of lessons learned (for all of us!) by getting a new puppy.


Beth Gifford said...

You are brave. We too have held out and not gotten a dog. It has helped to be able to (honestly) use the excuse that Gary is allergic to them. There are times I think it would be good for my youngest to have one, he's so introverted, but then I start thinking of the poop, the hair everywhere, the smell, having to figure out what to do with them every time you go away, etc. I (sometimes) think how cute other people's dogs are but I've never been one to think of them as human (or nearly so). I know, I'm a terrible person. My sister's dog is beautiful, long, black, silky hair and really fairly well behaved, but that hair is EVERYWHERE. It gets in food. They call it a "condiment" at their house. Anyway, good luck to you in this new adventure.

Kathy I. said...

Dave was the same way about a puppy, it always was, "you get a puppy, I get a Harley" Years of me saying no to a bike I finally found the most perfect puppy!! So Mikey joined our family and Dave got a Harley... which is now sold, and Dave is in love with that dog!! He has said it will not sleep in our bed! It does. I will not walk it! He does. I don't want it on the furniture! Well guess what? :)
It helps it is a Bichon, so no allergies or hair!
They say, "when your kids are teenagers, Get a dog, so someone is glad to see you when you get home!"

Life with Kaishon said...

Stopping over from SITS. What a fun process to be going thru! Kaishon wants a puppy so bad. I don't know if I am ready to work that hard : )

Anonymous said...

My hubby did not want our new puppy. He thought they were too much of a chore. Nine years later he is the biggest fan. He actually greets the pup first when he gets home. Then it's kisses for mommy:)
Good luck with your new addition, I'm sure his daddy will warm up!

Deborah said...

That's good news! I have had four puppies that are now grown dogs! They are so cute. You should think about a Cavalier King Charles, so cute, calm, good with kids...I would get another one in a heart beat!
Have fun!!

mommyto3kiddos said...

Ah...good luck with the puppy! I love puppies, but right now it would just be too much extra work for me. :)

rxBambi said...

Don't forget to check out the local humane society and also rescues. sometimes they even have pure breeds, so you're not always stuck with a mutt (and some mutts can be the best dogs ever)

Jessica said...

Aw - sweetness! You have to post pictures when you decide on one!

McGillicutty said...

OMG you will hate it for the first year... and then you'll adore it more than life itself! It's hard but you forget the bad stuff and as long as you do your part it's all gonna be peachy.
Shih tzu's are da bomb.

From Janes Oven said...

Hey girl,
Ha what is it with men and dogs? I am so glad my son is not old enough to know what my husband is saying when he says he can have a puppy. ha ha

well can't wait to see pictures of the little puppy.

Stopping by from Sits
Have a wonderful weekend