Wednesday, August 19, 2009

gifts from our world traveler

Nae finished unpacked her car after her drive home from Colorado the other day. I should taken a picture of it. Poor car.
This is a picture I took on the way out to Colorado to drop her off in May. Her car looked a little like this, only worse. She didn't have anyone else in her car on the way home so the passenger seat was full of her junk too. It looked ready to explode. Like if you opened a door, stuff might fly out at could loose an eye. A giant zit on wheels.
After unpacking, she gave us some gifts she picked up while on her mission trip to Southern Sudan. She gave me a pair of earrings, Mac a necklace, and both boys a bracelet (very manly bracelets I might add). She cringed a little after she gave them to us explaining that she didn't get anything for her daddy (he was at work). She planned on getting her dad something on the last stop and then couldn't because their plans changed. I gave her the old "dad doesn't need anything....he buys anything he could ever want for himself..." (usually the week right before his birthday or Christmas--thus ruining my plans) and that seemed to be the end of it.
A couple days later, we were all sitting in the living room getting ready to watch a movie, and Hubby walks in with his hands in his pockets, jingling the coins around. He says "I really like these African coins you got me to use as ball markers for my golf game, Nae." I say "huh?" Mac explains "Dad says he really likes his fake gift from Africa"
Out of the mouths of teenagers....
I'm gonna give those of you who are interested a chance to read Nae's blog from this summer. Just click here. Thanks for reading!!!

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