Friday, October 2, 2009

ode to a dear old friend take two

I put this picture up first on purpose.

All my regular readers know what this post is gonna be about.
(and can run, run away if you choose but please come back tomorrow-I'll try to be normal then)
All you newbies can read this if you want to see into how my befuddled, sentimental mind works.

So grab your box of kleenex....this is gonna be a tear jerker!

This motorcycle was given to me by my dad a couple years ago.
(I know isn't she pretty!)

This is the same motorcycle my dad had when I was a little girl.

I have many memories of riding this motorcycle with my dad.

I can remember him putting all three of us kids on it at once when we were real little.
I would sit behind my dad and my older brother, Jason would sit behind me.
My little sister, Alex, would sit on the gas tank and wrap her arms around my dad's forearms to hang on.

Don't worry we didn't do that very often (it may have only happened once-that's how my memory works sometimes) and we when we did, we just rode up and down the street in our neighborhood.

I remember how I much I loved being on the back of that motorcycle with my dad.
The thrill I would feel when he would accelerate quickly from a dead stop.

How he would nod his head at other guys on their motorcycles, like a secret code for "yeah we're cool we're riding a motorcycle!".

I would get so jealous when my mom and dad took off with all their friends on their motorcycles for an afternoon ride.

I used to feel so safe and free on the back of that motorcycle with my dad.

Things have changed.
I'm not having those same feelings riding it now a days.

I'm usually pretty terrified and not because Hubby is a crazy driver or anything.

I think about my kids constantly and what would happen to them if something happened to both Hubby and I on that bike.

So we weren't riding it much.

And we were so sad. Yes, me and the motorcycle (I could tell--we have a bond)

So after much long debate and many tears (from me, I didn't tell her) we decided to sell it.

We listed her on Craigslist a while back.

You immediately turn cynical when you list something for sale on Craigslist. We've all heard so many crazy stories of people getting ripped off by someone on Craigslist.

So when Hubby got a call from a guy in Denmark who wanted buy my baby, I mean bike, I was a little sceptical. He claimed he was a collector and he had "a guy" who would pick it up for him and ship it to Denmark.

So we waited and waited. And the guy from Denmark always had an excuse. And we'd wait some more.

And nothing.

So finally Hubby called the guy and said "if you want me to hang on to this bike then I need you to pay for it now".
And he did.

So we've been waiting for "the guy" to come pick it up.

He came yesterday.

Hubby and I had no idea that when he said he was a collector that he collected like this.

This guy has been driving all over the place picking up these motorcycles (from Minnesota to Delaware). Then they will be crated and shipped over seas. He said he does this 2 or 3 times a year for his client.

Sniff. Sniff.
So here we go....

seen enough pictures of her yet? I have like 100 of them

Ode to my beloved motorcycle

Your 1970's orange-ness is awesome

you always looked great paired with my dad's American Flag helmet.

You've been such a sweet motorcycle
and you've help create many wonderful memories

except the time I burnt my hand on your muffler when I was 3

but I know it wasn't your fault.

We grew up together. We both survived our awkward teens in the 80's

(orange wasn't so trendy at that time)

But now some people think your pretty cool

just like people think I'm pretty cool....

And you're headed on a long journey

and I know how scary it can be when you are the last one to join the group

and they are a rough looking group

I'm sure someone will be nice enough to scoot over a little...

and there are some scary things that you might see

look away! just look away!

there are some with you who have had a hard life

there are others who used to be pretty fancy

but have seen better days

Oh lookie here!

he looks like he could be a new friend.

or maybe she is looking for a friend.

Woah! Hold your horsepower!

oh my! and what is this?

(or should I say vrooooommm!)

Oh honey I hate to say this but....
I think he may be a little out of your league

but wait! I can't believe my eyes!

Look over here!

I think we may have found your long lost little sister!

I know you will be loved and cared for

think of this as a trip to the spa.

You will be pampered and buffed

maybe some new paint

kinda like a motorcycle face lift.

good bye dear friend

enjoy your new adventure!

I will miss you!


Deborah said...

WOW, That is sad, I hope you don't have second thoughts. I am the type who would have just "kept" it to look at it. I won't ride either because I have the same scary thoughts as you... Just as well, one of your kids may have wanted to ride it while you were not home! I hope your OK..

Anonymous said...

She is pretty and we were cool and she will live on. She did gives us alot of good memories.Dad

Jessica said...

*sniff sniff* That was really sad! I feel your pain - I posted something similar last year when we sold my husband's truck.

Of course, we just sold it to my dad.....but still.


I have another surprise for you today. Come have a looksee!

rxBambi said...

I'm sure your baby will be happy in Denmark. Maybe she can go see Julochka :)

shortmama said...

Wow! To have that kind of money to collect like that!


this reminds me of when i sold my little honda, the first car i bought straight out of college, and it was such a trusty little thing, and i hated to see it go. her name was harriet. she served me well, but alas she was a 2 door and i had a baby to drive around, so she had to go! I LOVE YOU HARRIET! ALWAYS WILL!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Awwww! That was so sweet. I'm glad your baby is finding a new home overseas, though. What an adventure! ;)

Kimi said...

I guess he wasn't just whistlin Dixie about the whole collector thing. I'd have totally be nervous about the whole deal too!

Thanks for your nice comment and my blog and for the follow. Following you now as well :)