Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reason #1 why I will die younger than I should

Tony has come up with a new way to take years off my life.
Cuz that's what teens do best.....torment their mamas.

He has set the trampoline next to our deck.....
and I'm sure you can guess what he is doing.

The first time he did it I was sitting at the kitchen table and he yells "look mom!!!!" then he takes a flying leap off the deck (with a smirk on his face).
yeah that's the smirk....right there....

I almost burst a blood vessel.

Then I almost strangled my kid.
Now he's doing it all the time.

But I'm getting used to it....or that's not really true....I just know not to look when Tony says "look mom!!".
I'm also not falling for "can you come out here for a second mom?" or "the house is on fire mom!!" or "Help mom! I'm really hurt!" So today when I heard Tony trying to talk Mac into taking the leap...I ignored it. And when I heard Mac finally giving in and agreeing to give it a try....I put my fingers in my ears, closed my eyes and said 'lalalalala'.

And when I heard a unusually large thud and loud moaning....I laughed and said "I'm not falling for that one!!" and went back to what I was doing.

Then Mac came in limping and sporting this....

I tried really hard to feel sorry for her....really, I did.

But this is my child who tries to tell me that this is safe....

And she thinks I'll be letting her drive anytime soon...HA!


rxBambi said...

OMG. Luckily my teens only get hurt on the soccer or field hockey fields! They are not daredevils, but when we had a trampoline they used to hose it down so it'd be wet. When we put in the pool we got rid of the tramp, we knew it would only cause problems!!

ttjenkins said...

a friend of mine in middle/high school used to have a tramp and a pool. They would jump off the roof of the house and bounce into the pool...I never did it of course...and I'm not naming names.

Ed, Jennifer &Trey said...

So this is what I get to look forward to? My heart started beating faster just looking at those pictures! And we're just at the climbimg from the couch to the coffee table stage!

Mrs. Sarcasm said...

Wow, that is quite the battle wound!! I wish my daughter was more imaginative and daring, but if this is what happens, I will encourage boring!!

Anonymous said...

OHHHH.....MG! I don't know if I should laugh or cry. The pictures are great. I feel like I was there watching it happen, but glad that I wasn't. I'm a fan of the tramps with the entire net around them if that gives you any indication... Can't wait to show it to my boys....or maybe not??!!
Just keep blogging...the kids will be fine!! :)