Saturday, January 30, 2010

"I can do it myself"

"I can do it myself"
those independent words making my heart swell with pride.
My two year old daughter's favorite saying when attempting some new feat.
Her face beaming with pride when she succeeded.

"I can do it myself"
those independent words bringing me frustration.
In a rush to get out the door, trying to be patient as she ties her own shoes.
I take a deep breath and release irritated sigh.

"I can do it myself"
those independent words forcing me to let go.
She is picking out her own clothes to wear to school.
I choose to say nothing about the plaid shirt with the striped pants.

"I can do it myself"
those independent words filling my head with worry.
Watching her pull out of the driveway on the snow covered roads.
All I can do is pray.

"I can do it myself"
those independent words piercing my heart.
Listening to her news of the plans she has mapped out for her future.
Knowing she no longer needs me.

"I can do it myself"
those independent words making my heart swell with pride.
She is an independent woman. Making her own choices in life.
Realizing that is what I intended for her.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

They sound like amazing kiddos!

I'll be praying for her on those snow-covered roads too. Eeek!

Pam said...

This is so beautifully written, Tori. You've captured the joys, frustrations, worries, sadness and pride of motherhood as we watch our children grow up. My oldest is getting ready to graduate HS this June and I'm definitely feeling the pain of realizing she really doesn't need me anymore. And the pride in seeing who she is becoming. Lovely poem and great post.

Deborah said...

This is so nice, it could be on a Hallmark card!
Nice post and very true!

Baino said...

I had to come over after Hangman today. Had so much fun. You're so, so right here. My daughter is now 25, still living at home because it suits her travel saving plans but I get that gut wrench every time she says she's off on some adventure. The last one was a year overseas! Then I'm incredibly proud that she can do these things,sensibly, safely and still enjoy the adventure. You have every right to be proud.

Brian Miller said...

wonderfully said...the words scare me though...i dont know that we can ever truly do it on our own. smiles.

Barb said...

Oh, I'm not looking forward to the driving and moving out part! My oldest is 13. So it's coming!

rxBambi said...

just be glad there's no more



you r so good and it is great to be back for a visit u need to be one of my top blogs of the week