Monday, August 17, 2009

Things my children witnessed on the Metra

I'm thinking this could become an ongoing list....

I could place it somewhere on my blog and add to it every time they see something their sweet, innocent, Kalamazoo sheltered, little eyes have never seen before...

Yesterday, Tony and I, took a train ride into the city to pick up one of his friends from Kalamazoo. His friends name is Max, and his family was vacationing in the city last week and agreed to let him come visit us for a while. Tony is so excited, he's almost giddy.

After we got on the train, and I paid for our tickets, Tony decided he was too cool to be sitting by his old, embarrassing mom. He moved down to the end of the car (still within eye shot of my protective "mom eyes") and pretended to be a "big kid, all alone, just headin into to Chi-town, meetin up with his buds, to get into some trouble" as any normal thirteen year old would do.

I had my book that I was reading, but with all the interesting people getting on and off the train (and my ADD), reading is very difficult. Pretty soon I notice this old man get on the train. He had to be in his 70's. He had on a white "wife beater" t-shirt and a pair of HOT PINK shorts that were rolled up nice and high to show off his very attractive, old hairy, bony kneecapped, legs. The ensemble was completed by a pair of black socks pulled half way up his shins and a pair of old black dress shoes. Oh! and I almost forgot the handbag he was carrying. Someone needs to tell him how to coordinate handbags....cuz he was not doing a good job!

So he sits there smilin a great big smile (I'm sure he's thinking everyone is gawking at him because he is lookin pretty fine today!). He stayed on the train for maybe one or two stops and then got off.

That's when I hear giggling....lots of uncontrollable giggling...
I look back at Tony and there is a big huge black guy sitting between us. Tony and the big guy are looking at each other laughing. I say to them "I know what you boys are laughing at! You'd better stop that right now or I'll come over there...!" I said it just to be smart, but the big guy looks at me like he's a tot who just got scolded by his mama for stealin a cookie or something and he stops giggling. I didn't expect that result so I smile and then they both start laughing again.

After Max got on the train I learned this after listening to Tony tell the story...

Things my sweet baby has seen on the Metra
1. An old cross dressing man in hot pink shorts
2. A drunk man holding a beer can who fell asleep and missed his stop
3. A coyote
4. A young couple making out like he has never witnessed before
5. A hobo
6. and that if you sit on the top tier, you can see down the tops of the girls sitting at the bottom (ok I actually noticed that one...and am not letting any of the men in my life sit up there anymore).

have a great day!

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Michelle said...

OH my goodness!! LOL LOL>...that cracked me up!!!!!