Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cavalia! and two ADD girls in the big city (part two) do you put it to words?

the big top alone was amazing to see.....from far away it looks like a huge city of white tents....

the stage was enormous....big enough for the horses to gallop and cantor and some other horse type steps that only a person with true horse knowledge (ie. Pam) would appreciate the difficulty of....but I could appreciate the beauty of their movements.

The horses.....60 of them...22 of them stallions and all so amazingly times they galloped around the stage with no saddle or trainer but yet perfectly synchronized and performing on cue, sometimes to the music it seemed.
There was one horse, that I swear, you could just see the enjoyment he was experiencing from being on stage.
And there was trick riding...acrobatics....Roman riding....Libertad....Bungee swinging....and much more.
One of my favorite parts was this little lady with a stage full of rollicking horses. She had the horses galloping in circles around her. The horses were spirited, and lively, nipping at each other yet listening to every word she said....obeying every command perfectly.

Everything about Cavalia was amazing even this....

they brought their own bathrooms.....potties on semi wheels....they were actually pretty nice.

Taking pictures of them....yes, I was the only one doing that....but just for all of you, of course.

You're welcome.

tomorrow I'm looking forward to telling you about the "resturant" Pam and I went to after the show....interesting isn't a big enough word to describe it....hope to see you then.

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Crazy 'bout Him said...

I LOVED those bathrooms...oh and the horses were cool too. : }