Sunday, August 16, 2009

my car is a blue GMC

Just a quick post today...

I wasn't even gonna post anything today because it's been a crazy, run around, up and down emotional kinda weekend and I'm exhausted.

And I don't have much to say....or maybe too much to say....when you have a weekend filled with lots of car travel, one wedding, one funeral, lots of old friends both laughing and crying, some really bad soccer, lots more car travel, and a train ride to and from the city where you can think about life and life lessons....I guess I could come up with lots to say....but like I said, I'm pooped.

But I will share one thing with you.

An embarrassing moment from this weekend.

I've found that when I blog about something stupid I did....I get lots of blog love.

I told my daughter the other day that maybe I should just have a blog about all the ways I embarrass myself. People are really nice to me then....they usually comment on those blogs and say that they can sympathize. I like knowing that I'm not alone in my nitwittedness.

Thank you very much.

Today, during a break from some really bad soccer, we ran to McDonalds. The drive-thru line was really long and so I told Hubby that I was gonna run in and use the bathroom while he waited in line and I would meet him on the other side.

When I came out the side door it was raining pretty hard and I was feeling pretty stupid as I ran down the line of cars in the drive-thru lane. I had my head down because the rain was hitting my face so hard it actually stung. I saw our car and quickly grabbed the door handle to get in. But it didn't open because it was locked. I lifted my head up to look at Hubby but it wasn't Hubby...and it wasn't our car. Some guy had this really shocked and confused look on his face. It all took a split second, but I stood there and quickly tried to decide what to do....I tried smiling this lame smile and tried waving and say "oops" all at the same time. I stepped forward to run away and debated for another split second that maybe I should explain myself, which resulted in me doing this backward -forward step thingie, that kinda looked like some awkward convulsion. How else can I say it....I just looked really stupid....especially to the 6 other cars waiting in line behind me.

Luckily, the line wrapped around the side of the building and Hubby and Tony didn't see what I did (either I pee really fast or the drive -thru was really slow that day- either way I was thankful). I calmly got in the car and said nothing. My husband is already "concerned" about my ever increasing dopiness.

The worst part was sitting 3 cars back I realized that it was a mini van I was trying to jump into and ours is an Envoy. I swear I could see the people in front of us pointing and laughing at me.

I could use some blog love....


Michelle said...

Well Hello. Just wanted to thank you for following my blog. I already love your blog and will be spending some time here this morning getting to know you better.

Comment often because it reminds me to come back over here.

sarahfoster said...

at least you didn't forget you were in in drive and hit the car in front of you, that is what i thought you were going to say, there are a variety of responses to that misshap, but none are nice. if someone ever hits me, I am going to be gracious to them, not like they MEANT to do it. can't say i've tried to get into the wrong car when someone was IN it, but plenty of times in a parking lot I've had that happen and i walk away like nothing happened. nitwittyness, is a new word. thanks.

Kim said...

One day when I had Allison with me, I stopped at the Courthouse. I ran in quickly to sign up for a class and ran back out and hopped in our car. I looked in the back seat to talk to Allison and she wasn't there and there was a car seat in our back seat. My kids were way too old for car seats. I looked out the window and saw "our" car 4 spots down. I quickly jumped out and ran and got into our car before anyone noticed. I'm just glad no one was around to see me and the owner didn't think I was trying to steal their car.