Monday, August 10, 2009


I'm feeling pretty guilty.
And so I've been spending the last few days beating myself up.
I did something I shouldn't have done.
What's the best way to beat yourself up? Blog about it, so it's out there in the blogosphere and anyone who happens on it can read it and think your just as much of a jerk as you think you are!

My 20 y/o daughter, Nae, told me somethings over the phone that were supposed to be private and I may have "accidentally" told some people.

Ok, I blabbed. I couldn't help it! It was very exciting news! (no. I'm not gonna tell you what it is...but Oh! I'd love to! Believe me I'd really love to...).

I made the mistake of telling my 15 y/o daughter, Mac, who was then hurt that her big sister didn't tell her before telling her mom. I think her exact words were "she told YOU that before ME!....YOU! her MOTHER! before her sister?! (funny how she did use any other adjectives in that "lame" or "embarrassing" or "old" but just by the way she said that sentence I felt them all implied! can anyone relate out there? can you?....)

I knew immediately that I screwed up majorly. Why can't we take words back? I know the whole trying to put toothpaste back into a toothpaste tube. But I still wish I could. The saddest part is knowing that she will never come to me again with those secrets. Secrets that I just felt I was being allowed in on. Now that she is growing up and appreciating me more as someone she can talk to....and I go and blow it.

Dear Hubby and Mac were teasing me yesterday (which didn't help my horrible guilty feelings and sadness btw). They were saying that I can never keep a secret. So I was racking my brain trying to think of times when I've keep a really good secret. And most of the examples I came up with I can hear myself telling Hubby "okay I'm not supposed to tell you this...." or Lori "this is just between us right?".

Wow! I suck at keeping secrets! If you want anything kept private DON'T TELL ME!
But I will make one statement in my defense. Nae didn't start her secret sharing conversation with her usual "don't tell anyone! not even dad!". So I really didn't think it was all that secret.....ok that's pretty lame, I know.....but I have kept some secrets that she has told me that have started with me swearing that I wouldn't tell anyone (not even dad)....I the time she told me....Oh! wait....can't tell you that (see how good I am?!)


Crazy 'bout Him said...

Omigosh, we have ALL done it. The important part is that you have learned a huge lesson from this and from this moment on your daughters will be able to trust you to carry their secrets with you to the grave! Right? Hear that gurls????

Anti-Supermom said...

I'm horrible at it too. I just don't like keeping secret - good or bad, because they just mess up my tummy for days.

I gotta let it out.

Soon, all will be forgiven. Don't beat yourself up.

Anonymous said...

Tell me! I promise I won't tell! You can tell good old Dad. Iam always the last to know, so its safe to tell me cause there is no one left to tell anyway.

sarah said...

i continuously blow it and tell secrets oops. but then somehow i'm back in her good graces and she tells me another one. one day i hope i don't blow it forever. i wanted to say i could sooooo relate to that. why can't i tell my sisters stuff?? that my daughter says. i can't help myself. telling them stuff is like breathing.