Sunday, August 30, 2009

New readers! Yeah!

I love new readers!

I really love new readers who are young (like my kids age**Hi Sarah I.! Hi Katherine G.! Hi Laura Y.!**there are some others but, I don't want to embarrass them...)

I really, really love new readers who are young and know how to do fun computer stuff (dare I say, geeks? It's a big compliment in my book!) Welcome Caleb!

Caleb is a friend of my son Bud. He is the yahoo that I spoke of in this blog post

He is also pretty amazing with a camera and photoshop. I drool over his camera.

Caleb is just one of those all around great guys. The kind of guy who sees a problem and will help you fix it.

I was so thrilled when he read my post and saw the problem I have with my kids not smiling in pictures.

He came up with a great solution....photoshop!

I can just picture these framed above the mantle (so much better than a flat screen TV!)

Thanks Caleb! We all had a good laugh at these!

Have a great school year!


rxBambi said...

AHAHAHAHAHA!! I love it! So so funny!

Lucky Girl said...

Hey, I bet he could make us look YEARS younger with photoshop. I'm gonna start experimenting now!

Michelle said...

LOL...cute! Isnt it neat when you find out your kids friends are reading your blog? LOL

And got Mr Linky right. Thanks!

Kimi said...

Genius :)