Sunday, August 30, 2009

decorating hubby 2

We started painting the living room yesterday.

or I should say, dear Hubby started painting the living room yesterday. I painted my nails. That counts. Right?

Not sure if I like his color choice. When he reads this (which he doing now, btw--reading my blog, yes I'm amazed!!--it doesn't mean he likes it, but he's reading it) he will say that I chose it too.

But not really.

You know the story. And by now, I trust his decorating talents. Or maybe after this choice, I won't anymore. We'll see. I pointed out that the color matches my blog. Hubby rolled his eyes at me.

And Nae left this morning.

but not before I snapped a "first day of school" pic of her in front of the fireplace. Even though it won't be her first day for another week or so. I really did it cuz she was laughing at the other kids about having to get their pics taken on the first day of school. I told her she should stop or I'd do the same to her. She didn't so I'm just "making good on a threat" again. It's important to do that when parenting teens. Just so ya know.

*yes I know Nae isn't a teen anymore, but you have to be consistant for all of them*

....okay really I just wanted another picture of ya know!

Don't mess with mama when she has a camera in her hand! That's what I always say....or at least that's what I say now.

sniff, sniff. Goodbye Nae, have a good senior year at U of M!

Goodbye little dependable packed car, you've been good to us....

Oh and one more thing. I heard my first coyote last night howling! I went outside to listen better and then heard some kids laughing so I thought it was a mistake but then I saw one right across the street from our house. Pretty cool!


Crazy 'bout Him said...

She's beautiful..and SO grown-up. Come over and we'll go harrass, I mean visit her at school.

Lucky Girl said...

I didn't think I would like a gold color on my walls either, but now I LURV it!

Anonymous said...

She sure is good looking! Takes after her grandpa