Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my diet yo-yoing tale

Once upon a time there was an accomplished yo-yo performer.

She and her hubby (who was not a yo-yo performer but did it just for "fun" once and a while) lived in a quiet little suburb with their 4 kids.

The accomplished yo-yo performer (I'll call her Duncan) didn't intend on being a yo-yoer. She just kinda fell into it. It all began back in college, when Duncan was a freshman, and she learned her first trick called the sleeper.
As seen here.


Duncan learned that she could throw her yo-yo down and keep it there for what seemed like forever. And it was great. Everyone complimented her on her yo-yo trick. And she felt good.
Little did she know this would be the beginning a life time of yo-yoing.

Yo-yoing was pretty easy when she was in her 20's. She didn't have to put much time or practice into it. She learned some new tricks to add to her performance. Once she got her yo-yo to stay down she could "walk the dog"


once she figured she could handle a dog , she learned "rock the baby".

Actually the babies came before the dogs but that's another tale all together
Life was pretty full and hectic with dogs and babies and she quit worrying about her yo-yoing and put it away for a while.

But soon Duncan started to miss performing. She missed the applause. She missed feeling good about herself. She didn't really want to do the yo-yo thing again but it was all that she knew. So Duncan got out her yo-yo again.

When she tried to throw her yo-yo down into a "sleeper", it just popped right back up. She tried again. The same thing! She couldn't get her yo-yo to stay down.
She decided that maybe she needed some help. She tried going to a place where there were other people struggling with yo-yoing. But that just made her feel guilty because it costs money and she really hated it. She read everything she could about yo-yoing. Sometimes certain things worked and she could keep her yo-yo down for a short period of time but then it always came back up. She noticed that it took more and more effort to throw it down, and when it came back up it almost knocked off her feet. Duncan was incredibly discouraged
The worst part was that she felt like everyone was watching, waiting for her to perform. Especially her hubby. Would he still love her if she couldn't be good at this yo-yo thing anymore? Whenever he decided to give the yo-yo a try he did it with ease. He would say "look honey, I just threw it down with no problem on the first try!" This only discouraged her more (and made her hate him a little. She had dreams of trying the slipknot from her yo-yo around his neck...sorry).
So for now, Duncan is thinking about giving up on yo-yo performing and trying something new.
If this was a real fairytale she could lose weight by blogging.


Lucky Girl said...

*snort* *giggle* *chortle* *sigh* *sniff* *sob* *Buwwwahhh!!* This is such a sad story..I was once a world class yo-yoer too..

Charis & Judah's Mom said...

am i missing the point of the story if i want to eat those four chocolate bars right now?

tori said...

I took that picture myself and those 4 unwrapped chocolate bars are in a ziplock baggie taunting me right now!

Anonymous said...

I bet I'm a better yo-yoer than you are. I've done it two or three times with 40 pounds!

Debra said...

wuahhhhh! Niiiiice! I gave up yo yoing after 50...IMPOSSIBLE! That dot on the i looked pretty tasty.

Mrs. Sarcasm said...

You crack me up! From a wannabe yoyoer!!