Friday, August 7, 2009

decorating hubby

I'm gonna try and kill two birds with one stone with this post.

First, we finally had our living room furniture has been on back order for like 1000 weeks....and my dad and step mom asked me to post pictures of it.

Second, a couple people asked me to explain something I said the other day in a post about my husband not allowing me to you asked for it!

Here it is...not too exciting except it's nice to finally have a place to sit. We were using the kitchen table chairs and that wasn't too comfortable.

Hubby is in the process of installing a flat screen TV above the fireplace. Then we will need to paint and hang pictures. Everything feels kinda "thrown" in this room right now. Tony keeps begging us to move the this big TV into his room....I guess he really doesn't need a bed in there....

The kitties are already covering it with hair, so they seem to approve. We still haven't got our kitchen will be another 10,000 weeks, I'm sure. I'm hoping this isn't the final layout of the room but after 19 years of marriage I've discovered I have very little say in the matter.

I think most women are a little jealous when I tell them that my husband deals in furniture. "Ohhh that must be nice!" "I think that would be better than a husband selling jewelry!" one woman said to me. I don't know...

See, my husband does ALL the decorating in our house. I don't do any of it. No, I'm not exaggerating! He picks all the furniture, all the paint, all the art, all the "nicknack's", everything. I picked a color of family lovingly renamed it "cat barf".

I used to try to argue with him, but I never won. For the first few years of our marriage it drove me crazy! My friends were all out shopping for their houses or putting on "painting clothes" and painting a room.....did you ever go to one of those house decorating parties?---I avoided them like the plague! And I didn't trust his judgement on decorating either. He would suggest something and I would think "that will look hideous!" but it never did. Eventually, I grew to trust him....and to let it go.

The only couch I had "say in" was the first couch we bought together in 1992. Since then I usually don't have any idea what he has ordered until it arrives (or he may get so excited that he can't wait and shows me a picture of it. I usually try to fake some excitement....""Wow honey that's such sweet lookin couch!"....I'm not a very good actress ). He ordered all new living room, office and kitchen furniture when we moved to South Carolina that I didn't see until we moved in. I guess it's all fine because honestly, I don't really get all that excited about decorating.

I did try to put my foot down this past week about one little decorating detail. See, Hubby doesn't like things to necessarily match. Like having a bunch of different end tables is ok with him. It's one thing that drives me crazy! He wants to keep two of our old tables and then he picked out two new tables (another end table and one table for the TV components). They didn't match and I hated them. I guess I was feeling a little feisty because I tried to argue about it. He even let me go into the warehouse and look around at the miles and miles of stacks of tables (I think he was just humoring me). I ended up giving always.

The furniture arrived the morning that Lori was here so it was set up the way I thought looked good before we left for the city. Lori's comment was "It won't last" and it didn't.

Whenever I have company for the first time in my home I always get compliments on the decorating, so I guess he's doing a pretty good job....or maybe that's just something women say. Most of the time I will confess to them that my husband does all the decorating and they don't believe me....sometimes I just smile and say thank you.
I asked Hubby before I posted this if he was ok with me telling everyone about how he is a "decorating control freak"...ok I didn't really use those words. He says "I let you have some say" and I started laughing....and couldn't stop....and had to apologize for not being able to stop....and Hubby said "umm yeah, but I did let you pick paint for Bud's room". Which is a joke because Bud and I "picked" it while we still lived in Michigan, and then Hubby painted it. When we saw it and said it looked nice, Hubby admitted that he choose different "shades" so we really didn't pick it after all. Just shows how much attention I give to those kinds of things.
Ah well....

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Patti said...

At least someone in your house likes to decorate. Neither one of us are good at it, so we let Katelin do it.