Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Perennial Pete "part two"

Yesterday, Tony and I took a quick trip to one of our local food markets to pick up a few things. I didn't realize it until we were in the store, buts it's one of those places that you have to have a membership card in order to get their "special prices".

One of the check out ladies was standing outside her lane and waved me over to check me out.

I was a little preoccupied with getting my card that I didn't notice much about this woman. She gave me the form and chatted with me while I filled it out. She asked if I was new to the area. I said yes. She asked where we live and I told her the name of our neighborhood. She said she lived in that neighborhood too. "my husband owns the perennial business on that street" she said.

Yes, it was "Perennial Pete's" wife....again, for the purpose of protecting the innocent and protecting this blog.....names have been changed....I'll call her "Petunia".

The blood was pounding in my ears....my mama bears claws instinctively came out (come on moms out there, you know how it is when someone hurts or scares your kids).....

"I live right across the street from you " I said as I looked up from my half completed form and looked "Petunia" right in the eye.
"Do you know what your husband did?" I asked. Then I reached across the little scanner thingie and put her in a choke hold. The teenage bagger person had to pry my hands off "Petunia's" neck!

Calm down Dad....I'm kidding....of course! Just a little poke at my dad, who e-mailed me after my schizophrenic gardening post and told me to go across the street and "kill him with kindness"

Here's how it really went....
after "Petunia" said her husband owned the perennial business....
I paused from filling out my form and said "I live right across the street" and I looked directly into her eyes....and gave her one of those "you know that I know that we both know what I'm thinking" looks.....
and then the teenager bagger person interrupted the too long stare. And said in a chirpy little voice "hee hee, well I guess you know where to buy your flowers from! hee hee"

I smiled at "Petunia" and said "I guess so" and left the store.

Today I spent the day in Kalamazoo, tying up some loose ends. I went to my favorite flowershop ever....River Street Flowerland...which is it's real name. Go there if you live in kzoo. There is no other place like it and never will be! I spent 2 glorious hours there and had to finally leave before I went over my flower spending limit and the Hubs would kill me.

But don't worry....I will head over to "Pete and Petunia's" place and buy a little something....sometime....as soon as I can get my mama bear claws to retract.


mommyto3kiddos said...

Too funny!

natti said...

I must be on Natalie's google account and I don't want to loose this post (mine is Mcgee 33). So this time it says "Natti says" but it's really me (Elaine)...

Riverstreet Flowerland is my favorite, too! And I always tell them I live within walking distance of Wedels! I love Riverstreet! I wish I'd known that while you were still here. I love reading your blog because it makes me feel a little closer to you! I miss you!