Friday, July 24, 2009

my kids are soooo embarrassing

This morning I woke Tony up using my best"cheerfully animated" voice. "Time to wake up sweetie and pee in a cup!!"

Oh wait....I kids made me promise to change their names if I blogged on this subject....

This morning I woke up a child, who is not my child, we'll call him Bert, using my best"cheerfully animated" voice. "Time to wake up sweetie and pee in a cup!!". "Oh....happy day...." said Bert as he rolled over pulling his pillow over his head.

And I'm not supposed to say anything about hernia exams, puberty, or menstruation either. the kids got their physicals so we can enroll them in school. I should have known better than to scheduled them for the same wasn't fair to the nurse or the doctor....when you put Tony and Mac together.....I mean Bert and Ernie....they can act pretty juvenile....and whoever heard of kids acting juvenile in a pediatric office!

Here's a few examples of their tomfoolery....

Nurse: "Bert, what sports will you be playing?"

Bert: "Basketball and soccer"

Nurse: "Do you smoke?"

Bert: "No"

Nurse: "Do you drink alcohol?"

Bert: "No"

Nurse: "Do you use steroids?"

Bert: "Depends on my game..."

the nurse looks at me...I roll my eyes.....soooo embarrassing!

here's another.....

the nurse asked if we wanted separate rooms so they could get undressed. Ernie says "you are telling us we have to get naked and then you ask if we want separate rooms!....what kinda family do you think we are?!"

geez! I hope I never grow up to be like her!

and another....

Ernie is sent into a separate room while Bert has his physical. When Bert's physical is finished, the doctor and I head into Ernie's room. We find her sitting on the examination table in her gown but she has "spruced" it up a little. Tying bows out of the paper gown and making it look pretty. The doctor pauses and looks at me....."she's not my child" I want to say....
No, I don't know how she did it.....but she has one of those "mirror shots" of it on her cell phone. And no, I will not be posting it.

Ernie and Bert.....can't take em anywhere!!

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Crazy 'bout Him said...

You were askng for trouble taking them out in public together, you know that right???