Tuesday, July 21, 2009

bloggers block

I'm having blogger block today...
maybe it's due to the fact that Mac read my blog yesterday and got really mad at me....it's okay...I'm gonna figure out how to block her....then I can say whatever I want....
maybe it's because it's my anniversary today and my husband has been golfing the ENTIRE day....don't worry....I'll make him pay! ;)
so I have nothing to say but I thought I'd share with you a link to one of my favorite blogs....cuz I'm a weather freak and LOVE a good storm and I know some of you out there do too... :)
so here's a great site. mostly just pics but they are awesome!


1 comment:

Crazy 'bout Him said...

I waited ALL day yesterday...I wondered where you were. Seems I'm addicted to your blog already!

I love storms, I stand out and watch them till they get really close. I want to ride with storm chasers and see a tornado someday.