Saturday, July 25, 2009

my need for more flowers

I would love for this blog to be about flowers and gardening.....

I'm not an expert.....but I'm sure I could get some help from "Pete" if I needed it.

I think that if I started writing a blog about gardening....the gardening police would come and arrest gardens are pathetic right now.

I ripped out a bunch of stuff with all these dreams of the plants I'd lovingly place there.
Plants I've always wanted....

But my hubbie tells me we have to "prioritize"....

New ventilation fans in bathrooms or some Echinacea?
Electrical wiring and chemicals for the hot tub or a few Peonies?
New living room furniture or a nice pot of Delphinium? (ohhh that's a hard one!)
Paint for all the white rooms (and there are a lot of them) or Buddleia?

I do have a few plants on my deck to enjoy.....this little beauty is a Datura or Moon's an annual...I don't usually buy too many annuals....cuz I'm so cheap. I figure if I'm gonna pay the money it should last.
But I couldn't resist this one....I've always loved Moon Flowers but never have had one because they are extremely poisonous (all parts of the plant)....and I always worried about my kids or my cats getting into them....but now that they are older (the kids, not the cats...well cats too but you know what I mean) I splurged (and it was on sale).
I read a little about the plant being poisonous....on some sites I found they call it hallucinogenic...some say it was used in "love potions"
Maybe I can give some to my hubbie in his sweet tea....then I can talk him into buying all the plants that I want....

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Crazy 'bout Him said...

Such a good idea!! Let me know if your "love potion" works. I need a new saddle!