Thursday, September 10, 2009

unpack or toss?

You want to see my definition of pure torture?

Wow!You're such a good sport!
okay then, follow me.

Welcome to the "infernal regions" of my lovely home.
My place of torment.
My personal nether world, my Hades, my Tartarus,

yeah, you get the idea.

The Hubby has "asked" me to work on unpacking some of these boxes this week.
I cringed, and not just because he told me what to do, he did ask nicely.

Really, what am I gonna do with all this stuff?

I'm thinking that life is pretty comfortable upstairs.
We could just shut the door and pretend we don't have a basement.

There are people all over the USA who don't have basements.

We didn't have one when we lived in South Carolina.
What did we do without a basement?
The only thing I remember hating was pretending to be safe in a bathtub during a tornado warning. Yeah, like that's gonna save ya when your house is blown into a thousand tiny pieces.

Did we really accumulate this much junk over the last 7 years?

I know the kids want it finished off.
They want a place to escape with their friends from us lame parents.
I'm sure they would like something like this.

or like this

We've lived here for a couple months now.

If we haven't needed it by now, do we really need it at all?

I could just call Goodwill and ask them to take it all away.

There's not really much of my stuff down there anyways.

It's mostly Hubby's (really! I know you don't believe me!)

He's such a pack rat, but only when it comes to his stuff.
He seems to have no issues at all throwing away my "keepsakes", especially if they had anything to do with "my past"
Here's where we kept Nae Nae slept while she was home
No wonder she doesn't like to come home very often.


Jessica said...

Eek. I feel the stress emanating from those boxes. Good luck to you.

Deborah said...

Hi Tori! You are just too funny! You know I have moved into my house 12 years ago and we still have boxes, probally 20 of the them in the basement in the back corner! So you are not alone! Every now and then I would look at the boxes and wonder what's in them! I can't even remember now! Kind-of scary!

Michael Olsen said...

Kids Shmids.....I want a mancave like those pictures!!!!!

Pam said...

I am the anti-pack rat. I say if you haven't needed or missed what's in those boxes in two months, you should call goodwill. Ok, maybe 2 months isn't long enought to really be sure. Wait a year and then it's safe!

Erin Bassett said...

I'm a total tosser! We've moved enough times now that I hate keeping stuff only to move it to the new place & realize it should have got tossed or given away long before the move.

PS - I'm so jealous you have a basement! I'd love one, but there aren't very many in CA.

Just stopping by from SITS.

Coolkayaker1 said...

Toss. Definitely toss.


P.S. I commented on your van post. Yesss! Conversion vans rule!

P.P.S. Welcome to Geneva, IL, home of everything cool in life.

P.P.S. Have you heard about N Aurora author Travis Thrasher. Check out his latest novel Ghostwriter on Amazon--he's pretty cool and the novel is great (see my review on Amazon) and it's totally set in our Geneva!

Coolkayaker1 said...