Thursday, September 24, 2009

protecting the not so innocent

As you will see, I finally got around to changing the names of the kids and Hubby on my blog.

I've gone through most of my old posts and fixed them, but I'm sure I missed some here and there. I also edited pics and hometown stuff to try and keep it general.

Picking names was hard. I kept saying "that name doesn't fit" but then just decided -"well of course it doesn't!" and I just went ahead and did it.

I started out by taking a form of their middle names (per suggestion of one of my readers) but that got a little complicated and one was pretty insistent on what his name should be. One I used a nick name (you can try and figure it out it shouldn't be that difficult).

Hope it doesn't seem to weird for everyone. It sure does to me!

Let me formally introduce you to the "not so innocent" members of my family....

first there is "The Hubby" (I know SO creative!) or sometimes referred to as the "Hubs" or the "Dear Hubby". I realized when looking for a picture of him that I don't have many. So I chose this one. He is starting my cute little rototiller that he bought just for me to use in my garden many years ago. What could be more sexy...a man with a gardening tool! Oh yeah!

then there is "Nae". She is 21 and a senior in college.

here is "Bud". He is 18 and a senior in high school.

this is "Mac" she is 15 and a sophomore in high school.

And last, but not least, "Tony". He is 14 and an eighth grader.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


rxBambi said...

You have really great looking kids! I had mine numbered for a while, but lately I've just been saying their names. Hopefully no one will come and hack us up...

Deborah said...

What a cute family!! New readers will never figure out you changed the names.. I still think you are smart to do this, but I'm a paranoid freak anyways!

Jessica said...

I've wondered if I should do that.......but I don't think I could keep track of it (and I only have one child!). I already mix people's names up as it is.

McGillicutty said...

Have I missed something? Are we all going anonymous? Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope your back feels better soon. I know what you mean when you're forced to lay down it's not like you're having fun is it? Take Care.

Mrs. Sarcasm said...

I think you did great on the names. I told my husband about your husband being all paranoid too and now he is harping on me again! I guess I will jump on the anonymous train too!! Gorgeous family!!

Morgan said...

Nicknames is a good idea, especially for keeping your teens' names out of internet searches. I could see how they might appreciate that : )

Coolkayaker1 said...

That is truly a nice looking, happy American-Eagle-Outfitter family, tori (or whatever you call yourself this week ;-0) Very healthy and bucketloads of smiles. Very good looking group, and your Followers read on to see what is up with the kids--sort of like an Illinois version of Meet the Kardashians. Just don't let any of them run off with an NBA star and get married within a month, okay?


P.S. Please tell Hubby not to rototill in flip-flops. "Cut my heel, had to cruise on back home..."