Friday, September 18, 2009

blind coffee date

my moon flower is amazingly beautiful today!
I went out for coffee this morning.
It was a "blind coffee date" sort a thing.

Meeting new people after you move can be tough.
I will admit, I've been a little lonely.
But I'm not very good about going out and meeting new people.
I'm not one to go knock on the neighbors door and say "Hey! you wanna have coffee?"
Maybe I'm shy.

My daughter, Nae, who is a senior in college kinda set this up.
She knows someone, who knows someone, who just moved to our area around the same time that we did.
I'm not sure how it all came about they figured us ladies would "get along", so Nae texted me her e-mail address. "then you won't seem too much like a creeper mom" gee thanks!
I'm not real comfortable with this whole thing anyways but what the heck (plus Nae kept texting me everyday "did you email her yet?" so I had to do it).

So I met this lady this morning at a very cute coffee shop in our quaint little town. My realtor told me it was a "have to go to place".
She was right.
The almond croissants were to die for!
And the coffee was amazing too!
And the conversation was wonderful too!

Guess what? I made my first new friend since our move.

We both didn't have our cell phones (hers was dead and I left mine in the car) and we did notice a clock anywhere and we ended up talking for over 2 hours and it felt like 20 minutes.

I hoping we can get together next week.
It would be really nice if the hubbies got along too.

Well see!
Have a great weekend everyone!


Deborah said...

Hey, that's awesome! It's really important to have a friends! Most of my friends don't like my husband, LOL, so I hope they get along!

Anonymous said...

My granddaughter knows her Mom.

rxBambi said...

That's awesome! It is definitely important to get some girl-time in. I moved here 9 years ago and I remember it being difficult. Good for you and your blind date!
Don't bring the hubbies in too early, you know, in case they don't mesh as well... just an opinion...

Pam said...

I could have written this post 7 years ago. I remember asking another mom who was new to the area to go out to lunch and I was so nervous. I remember feeling like I was asking her on a date. We had a great time and went on a few more "dates" in the next few years. Eventually, we went our separate ways, but we still run into each other occasionally and enjoy catching up. I'm so happy for you that you found your first friend in your new town. Good for you!