Sunday, September 27, 2009

preparing for puppy

We are in full puppy preparation mode here.

5 days till our lives will be turned upside down.

I've been studying my puppy training books that I brought home from the library.

We went and spent a small fortune at the pet store on all possible puppy needs.

Tony is busy setting up the puppy's cage with close supervision by Kitty.

Kitty, yeah that's his name.

I'm sure we'll be a little more creative with the puppy's name.

Poor Kitty. He has no idea what he's in for.

Tony has been busy cleaning his room and setting up the cage so the puppy can sleep with him.

Kitty usually sleeps with him.

This is what I found this morning when I woke up.

Oh dear, look who thinks he has a new cage.

Poor Kitty.....


Barb said...

If Kitty is anything like my Spooky, he'll let the puppy know who's boss! Both Ginger and Sassy chase him, but when he gets tired of it, he turns around and attacks! But when the chasing is over, they all love each other!
Good luck with the puppy and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lucky Girl said...

Poor innocent Kitty, my heart goes out to him, his life is about to change forever..

Pam said...

Uh oh! Kitty's world is about to be rocked!

Deborah said...

Did you tell us what kind of puppy? Did I miss that?? You'll have fun! I'm wondering, who is going to walk the puppy at 5AM??

Bethany said...

Poor kitty! Hope the transition goes smoothly :)

Pattern and Perspective said...

I had two cats and we found a little chihuaua rat terrier corgi type puppy last year. We thought he was old but he was only 1 (now he's a bit over 2). The cats were not happy at first, but now they all lay down together just like best buds. The kitty will be okay (eventually). No worries. Just try to deter the puppy from dragging kitty across the floor and chewing on kitty's ears - by dog tries but thankfully he's smaller than my cat.