Monday, September 14, 2009

messy olympics

One of the reasons Bud and Mac hoped to be back in kzoo this weekend is so they could attend "The Messy Olympics"
it's held by the church we attended while we lived in kzoo. It's a day of competition between the high school kids in the youth group.

the kids are divide into their high school graduation classes. Each class has a color. The kids dress in that color and apply a little paint to show their spirit.

The juniors were blue

I know what you're asking, why is Mac in blue? Everyone at the event asked me that.

I have no idea.

I'm just there to take pictures
and drive their messy butts home

and wash their disgusting clothes

the seniors are green
that's my green monster on the far right

here are the freshman proud in their yellow

and the sophomores in red (small in number but large in spirit)

First Event: Human Bowling
at least that's what I called it

I wasn't paying attention to the names of all these events

They had to run down and slide on the plastic which is coated with a layer of chocolate syrup

and knock over as many jugs as they could

(they had to hold some of us moms back from licking it)
looks 'delish' doesn't it?

It's harder than it looks
score an 8 for Bud!

Mac's next
look at the determination on her face....

here's my best action shots
maybe if you scroll down really fast and blink quickly it will look like a video

or maybe not.
maybe you're just getting dizzy like me
score 7 for Mac!

After first event
messy level: mehhh...3.

Next event:
I have no idea what they called this

I call it the "get-yourself-wet-with-a-sponge-of-wet-sticky-stuff"


then-scrape-it-off-in-a-bucket" race.

It ended up being pretty gross.

They were filling their mouths with it to carry it...

painty, chocolaty, teen sweaty birdseed


watching the "action"

messy level: 5ish

next event:?

the blindfolded person finds the hiding things in the gooey stuff
and puts them in the stainer hat thingie

messy level: 7

next and final event: The Pit

this pit was filled with items they had to find
(oh and some unknown substance that looked like mud)

each item had a point value
they had to bring it out of the pit and put it in their teams bucket

their ended up being some fighting or should I say mud wrestling over the big point items
and getting out was really hard because the edge was coated with cooking oil

messy level: 10+

the only time I'm ever offered a hug

and I now know what Bud would look like bald
but the best part (at least for us moms)

the Kalamazoo Fire Department comes out and hoses our kids off

that way I can take home this in my car

although they are still picking jello, mud, paint covered birdseed
out of cracks and crevasses they didn't even know they had.


Coolkayaker1 said...

Wow, that sure is messy! Thanks for posting photos, tori.

P.S. Your profile is gone so you no longer appear under the Geneva Illinois blogspot listing (you know, when you click Geneva on anyones profile you see everyone else in Geneva--that sort of thing; helps new people find your blog). Maybe that's your intent.

Have a wonderful week!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Oh goodness that looks like teenage paradise! My boys would love that sort of thing!

I personally would love to watch the firemen - not so much hosing down the kids. Just admire the firemen themselves. My husband is very aware of my love for these men...though he still can't be persuaded to join the volunteer crew in town, lol!