Thursday, July 1, 2010

how people find my blog (ie. weird google searches)

When I started getting more serious about blogging someone kindly told me about Site Meter. It's a service that helps track visits to your blog.

I have the most basic level of this service (which is the free-you can spend money and find out a lot more!).

Site Meter lets me see how many visits I have per hour and per day. How long visitors looked at my blog and how many pages they looked at.

Sometimes I can see the country, state and city the visitors are from.
Sometimes I can see how they were referred to my blog.

What has been fun is seeing what words people type into google and end up here.
Sometimes it can be a little confusing (and disturbing)

I thought I'd share a few with you today.
Some gave me a chuckle and I hope they give you one too. (and there's nothing else going on today...)
my comments are in red.

~"I'm gonna blow my diet on vacation and die" (I know that feeling)

~"I got disowned now what do I do?" (it depends...if it was your teen disowning you then I say're doing something right!)

~"I lost my high school yearbook and now I can't find my mojo" (poor guy, I'm quite sure they didn't find any mojo here)

~"how to get back at your friend who is a *%#@&$!" (Yikes! I don't think I've ever talked about that before!)

~"the mission has failed, tell Sally I love her" (is this a song lyric or something?)

~"how to disown my daughter" (kinda sad)

~"all i wanna say is that we are going down" (hmmm. lyric again?)

~"things that make me angry" (does this have something to do with parenting teens?)

~"are doughnut trees real?" (uhhh, DUH! of course!)

~"that blog people like in kalamazoo" (I'm flattered but I'm sure not everyone in kzoo likes it, probably just my dear friends)

~"what's that foul odor is Kalamazoo?" (gosh, I glad I'm not there to smell it)

~"skinning a Kenyan goat and cutting up a Belgian sheep" (now that's a little scary!)

***and my all time favorite!***

~"Are there any cool people left in Kalamazoo?" (I know quite a few, actually.)


Brian Miller said...

haha. i love checking out the searches that find me...people look up some crazy just how do you fix that goat?

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I also enjoy checking out the searches. I usually have some pretty funny ones. A few nights ago, I was reading them off to my husband and busting up!

LiLu said...

My google searches CRACK ME UP. My favorite today?

"justin biebers mom perky"

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

That sounds interesting Tori. How do you do that?

Mrs Montoya said...

who even knew all of that existed?!?! I do think you earned the one about cool people in Kalamazoo :) I've missed you and your cool blog. Glad to be back around.

Kelly Polizzi said...

Hah! this is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

Also wanted to stop by and let you know i gave you a blog award:

buffalodick said...

I live in G.R., but my brother lives in Kalamazoo!

The EGE said...

I have Google Analytics on mine, a thousand times the data I'll ever need, but it's very entertaining. Especially that people have found at least 2 dozen ways to misspell 'amateur'. Very creative ways.

Baino said...

Haha, I took my thingy down but havent ever checked what's been searched on. Erm Kenyan goats and Belgan sheep? The mind boggles

otin said...

I am so confused as to how you find out how people are getting to your blog through google searches? Sometimes very simple things perplex me!

sheri said...

this was too funny, tori!! i've never thought to google more than a simple name but now that you've given me the idea...:) i love your blogs new look, really nice colors! take care, my friend :)
ps...that tracker doesn't tell you underwear sizes, does it??? i'll keep my fingers crossed til you let me know!