Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a quick pizza puppy tale

I was told by a couple of my readers that they miss my Ace stories.
So here's a little puppy tale for you guys.

I'm still calling Ace a puppy.
He's not quiet 11 months now.
And I have to blame his escapades on puppyhood.
Otherwise, it's just bad training...which would be my fault.

Anyhoo, this escapade involves pizza.

One of the things my family really misses about kzoo is the pizza.
See, there is no cheap pizza around here.
And I'm cheap (there I said it).

When you have four kids who eat a ton, and usually have a friend or two over, who also eat a ton, feeding them pizza can make any wallet cringe.

Needless to say, since we moved here we haven't order pizza very often.
It has become a treat.

At this stage in our household everyone has different work schedules so most nights dinner is usually set out and you eat when you can (if there is any left when you get home).

It was a busy Friday night and everyone was coming and going. The Hubby and I were the first to eat and left to run some errands.

After that the story gets a little hazy.

No one wants to take the blame for being the last one home.
The last one home is supposed to put the food away and put Ace in his kennel.
And somehow that didn't happen.

When the Hubby and I got home we found empty pizza boxes. Some on the floor, some still on the counter. Along with greasy puppy foot prints every where.

And a very guiltily looking Ace.

Everyone was pretty mad. Especially me. I'm usually guaranteed leftovers since none of the kids like mushrooms on their pizza.
Not this time.

Ace was pretty thirsty that night and I grudgingly had to get up a couple times to give him water and let him out.

But what really made me mad was the next morning.

I'm sitting on the couch enjoying my morning cup of coffee when I hear Ace chewing on something.

I look over behind the coffee table and see Ace finishing up a piece of pepperoni and mushroom.
He doesn't notice me watching him because he reaches his nose under the chair and pulls out another piece.
And happily continues his picnic.

After searching the living room I found three separate "stashes" of pizza under chairs and couches. Most of which was the remainder of my pepperoni mushroom pizza.

Well, at least he know how to savor a good pizza.
ps...I just looked on google and saw that mushrooms are toxic to dogs....it's been a couple weeks, he should be okay...right?


Brian Miller said...

here is the key question...did you eat any of the stash you found? smiles.

too funny...he is a hoarder! and knows how to savor...

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Ha! That is hilarious!

I had no idea mushrooms were toxic to dogs. I am sure he is fine.

Baino said...

Told you he was wicked smaht! My dog eats small amounts of pizza and the mushrooms haven't done any harm. It's onions that are the devil for dogs then they haven't done her any harm either so I guess they have to be in sizeable quantities. Never any leftovers at my place!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

That dog is very clever. My dog just stole a mouthful of chicken wings last night. It is so hard to break them of food stealing. Especially when they are that smart.

Sewn With Grace said...

He is so smart. I need to try his hiding places the next time I want to save some pizza from my family!

Vicki Lane said...

Such a smart boy!

blueviolet said...

He's saving it up for later in secret hiding spots? He is very, very smart!

Barb said...

Ha! I love how smart he is! And how patient. None of my dogs would have been able to save it for later.