Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ace's new trick

Something is going on with Ace.
I'm not sure what it is.

All of the sudden, it seems, he is a genius dog.
And I don't say that to brag.
It's just a little eerie.

He seems to be absorbing massive amounts of information.
You can see it in his eyes.

And preforming new tricks.
After just showing him once or twice.
Several tricks a day, in fact.

Even the commands he obeys while at the dog park amaze people.

Yesterday morning I picked up his paw and said "Hi-five Ace" and slapped his paw against my hand.
Then I put my hand up and said "Hi-five Ace" and he did it exactly like I showed him.
On the first try.

I was pretty amazed.
I had tried to teach him "shake" a while back.
He just looked at me like I was an idiot.

I shrugged, maybe "Hi-five" is cooler so he's willing to do it.
We practiced it a few more times.

Later that day, after I had showed everyone and their grandma Ace's new trick, Nae came home.
I thought she'd get a kick out of it.

"Watch this" I said all excited.
I knelt down in front of Ace.
"Hi-five" I commanded.
Ace just looked at me.

"Hi-five" I commanded again.
He continued to stare at me.
And I swear, all of the sudden, I saw impatience in those eyes.
Along with a little embarrassment and defiance.

Hey, I've had 4 teens, I know that look when I see it.

I sat there with my hand in the air "hanging" (yes, it's even awkward with a dog).
And Ace continued to stare at me.
Then he looked over at Nae.
Then back at me again with the same impatient-embarrassed-defiant look.
As if to say "Enough all ready! This is the lamest trick ever! How many times are you going to force me to do this? It's embarrassing!"
I'm sure if he could have rolled his eyes, he would have.

He never did preform "Hi-five" for Nae last night.

But he has done it for me today.

I'm pretty sure he is humoring me.
It was a pretty stupid trick after all.


blueviolet said...

Don't you remember when your mom would ask you to perform in front of people and you'd get so mad at her and refuse to do it?


Brian Miller said...

oh thats not a stupid trick...maybe he is just shy in front of a crowd...smiles.

Kelly Polizzi said...

HAHA Sounds like a dog with attitude.

pat rombyer said...

Dogs can be amazing. I love my Aussie. Oh yeah,and my shih tzu puppy, who's smarter than I thought lap dogs are. sill me. the aussie and i are teaching her to fetch. so cute.

Baino said...

Smarter than the average bear. Perhaps he thinks it's your 'secret' handshake. For your eyes only!