Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How can it be?

Tony has gone and grown up.
In the span of 30 minutes.

He left the house today my baby
and came home a young man.

All due to a haircut.
Well, not really.

Sure, he's had plenty of haircuts before,
but I think there's this magically age
(usually around 8th or 9th grade)
where one day you look at your child
and suddenly you see a young adult.

With my 4th baby it just seemed to happen with the removal of about 5 pounds of hair.

I clearly remember the day I noticed Nae had changed over night.
It was the summer before her 8th grade year.
We were sitting in an auditorium for 8th grade orientation.
I looked over at her and thought "Holy cow! I see a woman!"
And I couldn't take my eyes off her.

And she noticed.

"Why do you keep staring at me?!!" she whispered.
"I'm not." I said nonchalantly and turned and tried to focus on the lady speaking.
That lasted all of 2 seconds and I was staring again.

"Will you stop?!!" she hissed.
"What?" I tried to pretend I was looking at something else that just happened to be over her shoulder.

She didn't buy it.
Mostly because I kept gawking.

But hey, I went through 38 hours of labor!
I figure I'm entitled to a little gawking.

Can I have an 'amen' ?!

Anyhoo, of course, I'd love to prove my point by sharing "before and after" pictures of Tony.
And of course, being the teen that he is, he refused to let me take a picture.

I could go up and take one of him sleeping....

Please note that I am showing great restraint right now.
Yep, I'm a good mom.


blueviolet said...

Ummm, Tony...that's not very blogalicious of you not to let your mom let us see your newfound manhood. Get with the program here, buddy.

Brian Miller said...

ha. good job showing some restraint...lol. we are in for trouble b/c my 5 year old already notices and blushes like a demon when we catch him...

Llama said...

AWwww! I think it is adorable how you are so amazed by how fast they grow up! It is too cute!

McGillicutty said...

I know where you're coming from, I'm a starer too. It's just amazing to think they came from you... from your love.. and then they grow up!!! :(

Kelly Polizzi said...

Good moms take pics of their sleeping kids too! teehee. Aww how sweet. What made you choose the name Nae? I'm curious because i haven't heard that before and i love different names!

From Tracie said...

I know that restraint is hard....especially since you know all your readers want to beg you to go snap that pic! =)

I remember that moment when I realized that my daughter wasn't a "baby" anymore. I haven't had the "woman" moment yet (she's only six after all) I think moments like this are the reason the word bittersweet was invented. It is so wonderful to see them grow up, but kind of sad too.

Travis said...

You start taking pictures of your kids sleeping and posting them, I'm afraid you're going to attract the wrong kind of people around here. You know, like me, only creepier, and they'll be asking for some of your son's hair.

Mrs Montoya said...

I know those moments are coming and I am NOT excited. At 6 and 8 I am terrified that this is as good as it gets and I just want to freeze time and keep them like this forever!!

I love the post (even without a photo)