Saturday, October 3, 2009

What was I thinking?

Yeah, I bet you all saw it coming didn't you?

I can hear you snicking.

But I'm not asking the "what was I thinking" question for the reasons I bet you think I'm asking.

Yes normal people would be questioning the decision making process of adopting a puppy because of the following reasons:

1. The puppy has poo'd and pee'd all over the carpets.

2. No sleep because of a whining/ barking/ crying puppy.

3. Because of having to stand outside in the freezing rain for hours on end to get puppy to do "his business".

I can take myself for a walk!

4. The house is a mess because you can't take your eyes off him for one minute cuz when you do that's when he decides to do his business.

yum tables are tasty!

5. Puppy is chewing on anything and everything.

No. The reason I'm asking myself "what was I thinking" is because I'm a worrier. Yes, I worry about everything.

I already have 4 kids that I worry about constantly.

Now I have this puppy that I'm head over heels in love with to worry about too.

So here's some of the things I've been worrying about for the past 24 hours since we picked him up.

1. Are we taking him away from his mama too soon (he's not quite 8 weeks yet). He might turn into some psycho dog if we do right?
look he's already developed a taste for Twilight--psycho!

2. I think he might have a brain tumor. He falls over a lot on the hill beside our house. I'm sure the tumor is in the part of his brain that controls his balance.

3. Or maybe he has brain damage. He probably wasn't breathing when he first was born and the breeder had to do mouth to mouth and she didn't want to tell us this because it would be hard to sell a retarded dog. I can tell this because he seems to think shadows are worth chasing and he looks at me most times like he has no idea what I'm saying.

I have no idea what you're talking about. What have you been smoking?

4. I think he has intestinal problems. He had the hiccups this morning. I'm sure normal puppies don't get the hiccups. Do they? And are puppy bellies supposed to be this round?

5. What if chooses the wrong friends? A perfectly nice looking yellow lab went by our house this morning and he hid behind me. Then this shiatsu came by and she looked like a hussy to me (she was all dressed in pink and had a pink leash and even pink poo bags). Of course, he thought she was the bomb. Oh yeah, her name was Tallulah. Need I say more?

And this is only the beginning..

You're in there and I'm out here! Neener! Neener! Neener!


Deborah said...

LOL, that is funny, what is the puppy's name, did you tell us? The puppy is very cute. Does he have worms...round tummy...
What kind of puppy is he? Very very cute. Have fun!! I actually laughed out loud, I can see my daughter giving me "the look" for laughing at the bloggy friends..

shortmama said...

Oh but hes so cute!!!! Is he an Aussie or Border Collie? Adorable!

Travis said...

If he likes Twilight, he's alright with me. That's real.

Mrs. Sarcasm said...

Awwwww so sweet. I would melt if I had him in my lap!! Don't worry about anything. If you have gotten yourself a retarded dog, at least you have an excuse when he humps guests or pees on their shoes. HEHEHEHE Just kidding, he doesn't look "special" at all, very handsome and smart. Good luck!


who on god's green earth ... i could've told you dogs are NO GOOD!

got an award for you over at my place

McGillicutty said...

OMG woman, relax and enjoy that baby, of course he has a fat belly and is falling over, he's a man! and please no shih tzu bashing... they're the bomb!!!! and so is your little boy... what's his name????

Tea said...

Your puppy is so cute! :) Thanks for the encouraging comment you left on my blog. I really appreciate it. :)

hurstburst said...

Good golly that is a cute puppy! And I'm no puppy expert, but there's no way he's retarded. I think. But I could be wrong...

I love that you're my lucky 13th! I'm following you right back 'cause I gotta know if the dog turns out retarded...

Yeah, I may be going straight to hell for that too....

Anonymous said...

His grampa wants to know his name????

tori said...

He is a border collie and my son named him Ace! (:

mommyto3kiddos said...

OMG...I am cracking up reading that!!! You are too funny! He is ADORABLE!

kristin said...

I'm a worrier too, so I totally get it! But trust me when I say it's all good!! He's not retarded :) And I got Belle at 4 weeks (which was definatley too early), but other than a "little" seperation anxiety issues, she turned out just fine!! You will love having a border collie! And if you don't, I'll take him- ha ha. -Kristin

The Fragrant Muse said...

Hi Tori! I found you through Bambi. This post is hilarious! Your dog isn't retarded, just learning balance. And if he is, then he got the perfect mamma to love and nurture him! The big belly and love of foo foo girls seems totally man-behavior to me.

All in all I'd say you got a wonderful family doggie and one that you will find to be loyal loyal loyal.