Sunday, October 18, 2009

A beautiful fall Saturday

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Chicago burbs.
It was sunny, with a few of those fluffy clouds.

You know, the kind that you can spend hours looking at if you've got nothing better to do and see clouds that look like people or things.

Which is a good idea for me because some of my friends are concerned that I'm spending too much time looking a puppy poo.

Anywho, back to yesterday, it was chilly but a nice kind of fall chilly. You know, the kind where you throw on a sweatshirt and you're glad cuz you get to cover up those extra few pounds you've gained since you switched from "summer grilling foods" to "fall comfort foods".

Because of the sunshine, the trees looked glorious! All the colors were bright and stunning. We've got to be close to peaking as far as the fall colors go.

The Hubs seemed to be back on his "I'm not letting Tori touch anything that has to do with decorating" kick again.

I "watched" him paint the kitchen. I offer a million times to help. But he always had an excuse. "Nah, I've got to cut in over here yet...." or "why don't you run to Lowe's and get another roller....".

I'm starting to wonder if I messed up when I helped paint the living room. It was my one and only time I've ever painted. Maybe he's upset because when he showed me how to roll the paint and first make a "W" and mine looked a little more like a "V".

I don't know.

I'm not gonna complain. Painting wasn't that much fun anyways.

So I did some laundry, cleaned a little, gave the pup a bath, and told my Hubby how hot he looks when he paints multiple times.

But I still needed something else to do. So I took Tony and his buddy over to the doughnut farm.

Yeah, you heard me right. The doughnut farm. I'm sure there's one near you. They have them everywhere.

They grow these amazing cinnamon sugar coated apple cider doughnuts.

If you go at the right time, they are all warm from just being picked off the doughnut trees in the warm fall sun.

Being that it was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, Tony and I were pretty sure we'd be able to snag some of these warm ones.

So we drove out past the burbs to this gigantic doughnut farm.

It was packed like I have never seen in Michigan. I don't think there are as many doughnut farms near the burbs so when you find one, it's a busy place.

There were 2 fields full of parked cars (and I was thinking to myself what a waste of some perfectly good land that could be used for more doughnut trees) plus 2 more parking lots near the store where you pay for your doughnuts.

I was quite annoyed by the people milling around. I just wanted to pull up front and get my doughnuts and leave. Of course there were people there for the corn maze. And silly people there buying apples and pumpkins.

"Pumpkins schumpkins" and apples? can buy those anywhere! I wanted to roll down my window and scream at these people "Get out of my way!!! We are here for the warm doughnuts!!! Yes, I will run you and your stroller over if you don't move!!"

To save time I dropped Tony and his friend at the door and circled the over crowded parking lot. The whole time I was drooling in anticipation.

And Oh! was it worth it!

Are these not THE most beautiful things you have ever seen?!!

I brewed up a pot of coffee and made my own little pumpkins latte thanks to a wonderful place called Trader Joes

I know your probably laughing at my sugar free creamer (it reminds me of working at an ice cream shop when I was a teen and people would come in and order a huge sundae and then say "No whip cream, I'm on a diet!") but what can I say? With my creamer to coffee ratio, if I use the regular stuff, I not only get a caffeine buzz but a sugar buzz. And those are not fun to come down off of! (btw- 55cal; 1gm fat; 9gm sugar; 11 carbs-not bad compaired to the other ways of getting your pumpkin spiced coffees!)

What a lovely fall day. My only regret?
We only bought one dozen.

But today looks like it's gonna be sunny again!


Lucky Girl said...

We have a Doughnut Farm one street over...directly behind my house if I cut through the woods on my horse... Hey, she likes doughnuts too!

One Cluttered Brain said...

I want a doughnut farm near me! Those doughnuts look so GOOD!

At least I have my pumpkin cheesecake I made yesterday. It's in he fridge. I get to have it tonight after dinner. Yummy for sure I hope!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I love that....the donut farm.

Tea said...

I love donuts!! Those look really good. :)

Daffy said...

The donut farm... I wish I could visit there. In fact, I'd probably make the drive to one near me if my daughter and I hadn't consumed a planet of oreo cookies at lunch. Why, oh WHY? did I think I could stop at one?

ken said...

Whats that commercial America run on donuts. Sourcream are the best.

blueviolet said...

You picked one of my favorite kinds! I don't need glaze or frosting, just give me that cinnamon shugah!

As far as I can see, your hubs did you a favor by painting by himself so's you could go get those doughnuts!

Darla said...

What a great day indeed!

rxBambi said...

First of all: how do you make a pumpkin latte with pumpkin butter? I think I need to know...
And a donut farm? that's hysterical!

Tracie said...

The question on my mind is... where is the closest doughnut farm so that I can live there? Those looked so yummy!!! and so did the coffee!!

Kimi said...

Ahhh donuts are my favorite fruit...or are they a veg? I can never remember.

Kimi said...

PS There is a little something waiting for you here So Many Kids So Little Time

Theta Mom said...

Trader Joes is one of my favorite places in the whole world! I love their No Pudge Fudge!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

F I need a doughnut tree like woah.

Llama said...

omg! i love that pumpkin butter! it is so addicting!