Thursday, October 1, 2009

sharing the fall beauty

I wanted to share how beautiful my hydrangeas are this fall.
These are pictures I took when we first moved in.

Actually, as you can see by the date stamp, it was a couple weeks after we moved in.
This was when I realized that they were changing color from the light blue to purple.
I haven't photo shopped the colors on any of these (just some cropping).
They are too pretty just the way they are.

Now they are changing again.
You can see the blue "newer" bloom up top of the bush.
And the rest are turning this mauve color.
They went from a deep purple (which I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures of them)
Then began fading. I thought that was it.
Then just when I thought the purple was almost a white, this pink appeared.
Little blotches of it.

Then the pink got darker.

With now hints of green.
I've never owned a hydrangea before.
I had no idea how long they bloomed (I still have new ones coming out)
or how beautiful they are.
Wow, I've been missing out.
Have a great fall day!


mommyto3kiddos said...

Those are beautiful!! I love flowers, but am not good and tending to them. :)

PS: Whatever you changed on your comment form is much better! :)

Jessica said...

I love hydrangeas. I want some for my yard, but haven't gotten around to it..... One day. One day I will.

Deborah said...

I love hydranga's, but mine are white. That driver you were talking about, I hate that more than anything. I was just followed tonight by some young jerk. If I stopped, he would have been in my back seat..he was so close I couldn't see his headlights.
As soon as we got on the highway he took off like a bat out of he**.