Tuesday, October 6, 2009

techy teens a new level of rudeness!

I just wanted to show you this pic I took yesterday in my yard. If you click on the pic it will give you a bigger pic and you can see all the amazing details even better--unless you hate bugs, then it might just gross you out.

I almost stepped on this guy when I was walking the puppy. He sat so still that I thought he was dead at first but he was so beautiful that I ran and grabbed my camera. The way the sun was hitting his wings I could see all these different colors and designs. I guess I've never looked at one that close. So I got real close and snapped some pics and then he flew into my face and I screamed and ran around because he scared the bajeezies out of me. I swear, most of the times I look really stupid in public, is when I have my camera in my face!

Anyhoo, I couldn't believe that the pics turned out so nice with my crappy little camera. I boosted the colors a little on my photoshop thingie (you can tell I soooo know what I'm doing). The original pic was nice but it didn't show the colors that I was seeing in real life. Here's the original...

I was all proud of my bug picture, so I showed Tony. He said "You didn't take that mom! You stole that off the internet." Of course, I erased my photocard in my camera after I downloaded the pictures so I have no evidence that I really took it. There's nothing like talking to one of your teens when you're looking for a compliment. They will deliver a blow to your ego every time!

What I really meant to blog about this morning was my techy teens. I'm not bragging here. It's actually really annoying!

Last night I wanted to get on my computer to get caught up on some of my blog reading and to answer some emails (I'm sooo far behind because of the puppy poo duty). I find Tony, on my computer, facebook chatting with a bunch of people all at once and also on his phone texting.
If two people attempt to chat at me at once, it's like stimulus overload! I try keeping up but it feels like my head might explode.
Mac was "one up-ing" her brother. She was on facebook chatting to multiple people, talking on her phone, and texting all at the same time (when she gets a text she pulls the phone away from her face but continues to talk and reads her text).

After I kicked Tony off my computer, he got onto Bud's. Then, adding to all the ways he was communicating before, he started skyping.

I had a teen parenting "first" the other day.

Mac asked if I could give one of her friends a ride home. So I'm driving along, Mac is in the passenger seat and "the friend" is in the backseat and it is unusually quiet. I'm thinking to myself "this is strange", then I realize that they are texting back and forth!
It's the "new whispering behind the hand" as far as rudeness goes! I was actually really mad. They would throw out a comment here and there or giggle about the text they just sent, only to be even more annoying cryptic.

I started imaging pulling over and tossing both their butts out of my car!

Our parents had to teach us proper communicating etiquette. Such as, look someone in the eye when you talk to them, don't interrupt others when they are talking, don't mumble, ect. ect.
But now in this techy new world, I feel responsible to teach a whole new set of techy communicating etiquette rules that I don't even understand myself!

These are some that I came up with on my limited techy knowledge:
1. Don't text on your phone when you are having a "real" (face to face) conversation with someone else.
2. Don't text people who are with in talking distance from you! Talk like a normal human being! God gave you a voice! Use it! (sorry for all the "!" this really annoys me!!!!)
3. Don't use that "skyping" thingie unless absolutely necessary. It makes your voice sound like a robot and it's creepy.
4. Return texts promptly. If you can't then begin by apologizing why it took so long to get back to someone. No one likes to be ignored.

That's all I can come up with this morning on my two cups of coffee brain. I'd love to hear if anyone has any others to add. Especially my geeky friends out there (you know who you are) or my teen readers (they probably have the most insight) or my geeky teen readers (you know who you are too!) :)
Have a great day!


Lucky Girl said...

I LOVE that bug, he is GORGEOUS! Then I pictured you running around screaming...made my day. :-}

Dang that techiness and all it's "speak". pos, ttyl, idk. They have their own secret language. Luckily I have found a translator site:


Travis said...

I am guilty of texting someone in the same room, as well as sending the text to the person the text was about. That's a doozy. That'll get ya divorced.

Kimi said...

I totally have a thing for dragonflies! That is a gorgeous pic.

Also I agree totally with the texting thing. Pretty much all of it.

Theta Mom said...

I don't have a thing for bugs, but that one is actually pretty if that makes sense?! I think my son is in line to be one of those techy teens...kinda scary a little, knowing he might at some point know more than me! LOL

shortmama said...

That picture is gorgeous!

I agree with the texting rules! They shouldnt text to someone when they are in the same dang vehicle together!

Deborah said...

The bug is pretty, good job! OK Texting,, I won't let my kids text when we eat out, in church (not that they go to church, but just incase!), in front of Grandma (she thinks it rude). I hate it when my husband will go outside to text..that's strange and I always say, who you texting..in an attitude sort of way..and I especially tell my daughter NOT TO TEXT while she's driving..

JennyMac said...

My Hub has a little sister who is 16...and for years her and her friends do that...text back and forth to each other even though they are in the same room. Impolite takes a whole new altitude.

hurstburst said...

I'm so behind on texting culture; I don't even have it on my phone. Facebooking is about all I can handle!

Tootsie said...

girl...I am so glad you stopped over to my blog today...I love your writing! I am so not looking forward to the teenage years with my gang. My son is now 10 and my girls are 9&4...going on 20 &15...lol
Teens are just not the same as when we were kids...lol (look at me dating us hey?)
I have to say, I like your rules so far!
Welcome to my followers list...and I will be joining yours too!

LivingInspired said...

Great picture...from far away. Sorry, bugs creep me out, especially in detail. Can you imagine being a teacher? All the texting that must be going on behind your back? I mean, notes were bad back in the day...but texting? Yikes!

LivingInspired said...

Great picture...from far away. Sorry, bugs creep me out, especially in detail. Can you imagine being a teacher? All the texting that must be going on behind your back? I mean, notes were bad back in the day...but texting? Yikes!

Mrs Montoya said...

Thanks for stopping over today. I love what I've seen so far and am your brand spankin' new follower. For all my cutting edge knowledge I reject technology for it's lack of manners. No texting in my house and all phones are off limits after 7 PM to everyone (including my husband and me). my kids are little and I am not sure how long it will last, but I'm holding onto it for as long as I can. Rules of any kind are better than none.

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

Is it bad that I need to teach my husband these rules as well?

The EGE said...

Awesome bug picture! I'm always in awe of people who (unlike me) can take good macro shots, much less of a beautiful dragonfly!

~~~~The EGE

Diggestive said...

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and have picked you for an award

Many thanks

Beth Dunn said...

I would fully die doing all 3 things at one time. I go into overload when both my sons talk to me at the same time. I must be slow. Like your rules. xoxo