Monday, June 28, 2010

where's the delete button on this thing?

I was invited to a lovely garden Bible Study last week.
I was invited by this nice woman that I met at one of the dog parks Ace and I visit.

I was telling Mac about it the other day and she asked me who I went with.
"Kathy" I said.
"Kathy who?" Mac asked.

I got nothing.

And adding to my distress, it seems the harder I concentrate on what I'm trying to remember, the father it gets sucked back into the depths of my murky mind.

She told me her last name the day I met her.
She said her last name when she called me.
I heard her last name a dozen or more times that morning while people introduced themselves to each other.

What is it with my memory?

It wouldn't be so frustrating if there was this general forgetfulness for all things.
But what really drives me crazy are the things that I do remember.

Completely useless things.

Like my address and phone number of the house I grew up as a little girl.

Or the word for word conversation of an old high school boyfriend pointing out my "flaws".

Or pretty much every annoying song from the 80's. (and some 70's songs....who needs to know all the words to Copacabana anyways?)

Things that I wish I could just delete.

You know make some room up there for the important stuff.

If anyone out there knows how to do this please let me know.


Brian Miller said...

i would leave an intelligent comment but i forgot what you wrote about...i think i am at full...smiles.

tea said...

I can totally relate. I remember those same kinds of things and I am so bad about remembering people's names. I need to do some deleting too.

Travis said...

Ginko Boloba. Or Bolaba. Or Bolba. Or Bilibiabiaobooaiaoba.

You should probably just google it.

Google is that search engine thing. Just in case you've forgotten.

From Tracie said...

I know what you are saying, the words to all of those 70s and 80s songs are taking up the space that could be used for my next door neighbor's name, which is Claire, but every time i see her in person I forget....and then call her Nora. Needless to say, we aren't very good friends, and she may or may not shoot me dirty looks every time she sees me.

otin said...

I have had this same rant myself!! I can remember the liner notes from all the bands that I like but forget to mail my letters that I put on top of my car keys so that I don't forget them!

bettyl said...

Wish I could help! But if you need to know the words to just about any '60's or '70's song, just let me know!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Oh boy, I wish I knew. I can answer all the questions in the first edition of Trivial Pursuit, but I don't know the names of any of the parents of my kid's friends. It's like it goes in the right ear and falls out the left.

Sewn With Grace said...

When you figure it out let me know, but I will probably forget that you told me (seriously!)

Daffy said...

I'm terrible TERRIBLE with names. My Grandfather tells a great story of a friend of his who when momentarily forgetting someone's name would say, "Tell me again how you spell first/last name?" To which a gent once replied with furrowed brow, "S M I T H".

happens to us all!

Baino said...

Weird isn't it? I can remember the lyrics to just about every Abba song and I never, ever, in a month of Sundays bought an album. Welcome to the dark side

Barb said...

Now I will be singing Copacabana (or is it Copa Cobana?) all day!
And I'm always saying my brain is like a sieve lately. I think it's an age thing. Oh well.

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I am the same way. I think I blogged about this a while back. I have the best long term memory every, my short term....horrible!

blueviolet said...

I knew I was getting bad when I forgot an ortho appointment, rescheduled it and then forgot that one too. How humiliating!