Monday, June 14, 2010

another one of those "duh!!" moments with Ace

I admit, I make a lot of stupid mistakes with Ace.

Usually, it's something I decide to do without thinking it through completely.
And most of the time, I have some lovely image in mind of how things are going to go that are completely unrealistic.

Call me naive.

Like the time I thought it would be fun to take Ace to one of Tony's track meets.
I saw a lot of dogs at the first one that I went to.

In my mind I pictured Ace sitting there watching all the kids run around, Tony bringing his friends over to show off his cute dog. A nice, peaceful day sitting on the grass with Ace beside me, instead of him being locked in his kennel while I was away.

Problem is, Boarder Collies are herding dogs by instinct.
There happens to be a lot of kids "running around" at a track meet.
um. yeah.
It was like torture for Ace (and me as I struggled to restrain him).


I could give you quite a few other examples, but I won't embarrass myself.

But I will tell you my "duh-moment" this weekend.
There was a dog show in town.

Nae went and saw it the day before and said a lot of people brought their dogs to watch.
I thought it might be fun to bring Ace.

This is what I pictured in my head.
Ace watching the show.
Taking notes.
Thinking to his doggie self~"hey! I bet I could do that!"

then we'd go home and he'd be eager to learn a bunch of new tricks.
(I'm kidding...please tell me you know I'm kidding)

There were lots of cool this.

or this (look at the height on this one!)

Instead our time at the show was chaos.

The hubby fighting to hold him back (the picture doesn't do it justice)

I'm pretty sure Ace thought he was going to a new dog park and couldn't figure out why we wouldn't let him off leash so he could go play with the other dogs.

People were starting to look at us funny.

Ace was actually flipping in the air and twisting on his leach as he tried to get over there.

The Hubby did get him to settle for a few minutes and watch.

but this lasted just long enough to take a couple quick pics.
by the end we were all hot, sweaty, and exhausted.
I'll just add it to the list of my duh moments.


Brian Miller said...

smiles. reminds me of a two year cool pics though...wish i was that limber....

McGillicutty said...

Oh Lord.. I took one of our dogs to obedience training once and it was a complete 'mare... my dogs are so happy to be home bodies now!!!

From Tracie said...

The dog that I had growing up was definitely not a sit and quietly watch anything dog. But I tried and tried to make her one. Totally unsuccessful!

Jingle said...

lovely images.
have a smiling day!

sheri... said...

how funny!! i'm surprised that you, hubby and ace stayed around at all...seems like it would have been easier to head for home!! i loved the photos you posted...the tricks were amazing and i got such a kick out of watching your hubby subdue ace!!

Anti-Supermom said...

Those are some awesome tricks! Good job with the Hubby 'trying' to keep Ace contained ;)

And so sorry I haven't been around a lot, Henry being home for the summer is cramping my blogging style, darn him!

Anonymous said...

Want him to obey read the book????

Baino said...

Haha I love that you've got one of the most intelligent active dogs on the planet and he's also young! Hey you were a teenager once right? Keep taking him, he'll settle petal. Do you have a dog sport over there called Flyball? Perfect for Collies, give it a look and frankly, the owners seem to love it as much as the dogs and spectators, it's awesome:
And I don't care how flighty he is, he's a handsome lad.