Tuesday, June 23, 2009

unpacking and settling

The unpacking continues...
*Bud is still bored to death and counts the minutes till he can return home to see his girlfriend back in Kalamazoo (...I got a girl...in kalamazoo....).
*Mac is off with new friends more than she is here (I still don't know how I feel about all that). Dear Hubby and I are adjusting to our youngest daughter starting the dating game (curfews, not to mention a whole new group of teens that we don't know).
*Tony is busy hanging out with some of the neighborhood boys.
We've all been amazed at the friendliness of everyone we've encountered (except for the crazy guy across the street but I'll save that story for a latter date). Neighbors coming over and offering anything we may need, Dylan coming over and knocking on the door and asking Tony to play the second day we were here, moms bringing over treats and flowers.
Tonight we head to the Swedish Days Festival in downtown. They are celebrating 60 years this year and from everyone we talk to it's a must see event here in our new small town...

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