Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mike's "midlife whatever" ?

The signs are all there.....

First he bought "me" this

see the smile on his face?

That's pure joy. He's been treating "her" like a baby.

The kids are getting jealous. Mac said just last weekend "you like that car more than you like me!"

Then he turned the big 4....0.....

and his "knee gave out" while we were loading boxes. Mac was quick to point out in a sing song kinda way (while laughing hysterically) that now he's 40 and old!!!

so that same day what does he go out and do?

he goes out and gets friendly with this guy....

Hey! Get your hands off my husband!!!

Oh here we go...

anyone notice anything wrong with this picture?

yes Tony's name is spelled wrong and it almost wasn't caught

(thank you Mac....who sat proudly and documented the whole process with pictures)

Checking to make sure it's straight

Mac had two things she wanted to capture with pictures

1. blood

2. pain on Hubby's face

this is as close as she could get.

The finished product
I think it's very nice!!!


Crazy 'bout Him said...

Wow! That's awesome!! Hey, where is your name?

Carly said...

Alyssa told me about this! Sweet.