Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kids and work

I'm very excited that my oldest daughter, Nae will be living with us for the summer.

She got an internship as an environmental engineer in downtown Chicago.

She's been home now for a couple of days and I'm loving it.

We took the train into the city this morning to get the timing of the Metra down and to see exactly how long it will take her to walk from the station to her office.
Her office is only two blocks from the train station but the train ride is over an hour each way.
It will make long days for her (leaving the house at 5:20am and getting home around 6pm).

But she is pretty excited.
And so am I.

Or I should say I'm pretty nervous.

I asked The Hubby if he was nervous. He said "no".
I asked him when he thought I would stop getting so nervous about our kid's first days of work.
He said "probably never".
He also said I should only be nervous about their first day of their first "real job".
That if you screw up and make a bad impression on the first day of your real job it can haunt you for a long time.

Now I'm still nervous and have something to look forward to when my kids get "real jobs".

Speaking of first days of work, here's a picture of Mac just before she left for her first day of her VERY first job. She is a hostess in a restaurant.

I always take a pic of the kids on their first day of their first job.
It's a tradition. Just like the first day of school picture.
And they love it just as much.
As you can tell by Mac's "hurry-up-and-take-the-stupid-picture" smile on her face.

And yes, I was super nervous for her that day.

I had a really great picture of Nae on her first day of her first job.
She was working for a civil engineering company and had to wear one of those cute hard hats while on the construction site. I got a picture of her in that. You'll have to trust me when I say it was cute because it mysteriously disappeared.

Anyhoo, it was a really nice day. We went out for lunch and The Hubby gave us a mini tour of the surrounding area.

We saw some interesting variations of panhandling that I've never seen before.

Not your normal signs like the one this weirdo is holding.

The first one we saw said this:


The next one we saw said this:


These guys looked pretty young and clean cut. I'm wondering how much money they actually pull in a day with these kinds of signs. And if this turns out to be Tony's first job (which is the first thing I thought of when I saw them...I have no idea why) I won't be nervous or taking any pictures.


Mrs Montoya said...

Good luck to her this summer! Those first jobs are so important, "real" or not. So glad you're having some fun together before reality kicks in

blueviolet said...

Your daughter is beautiful and that's terrific about her internship! It's a long day but could lead to a job down the road, huh?

I didn't realize how creative people got with their panhandling signs these days. lol

rxBambi said...

Your kids are as gorgeous as their mama!

Congrats on the internship.

The first time I saw a sign like that I was in Berkley and it said Need Money for Beer and Pot. I think I gave him some money... I was young and it took me off guard. :)

Brian Miller said...

nice. your daughter looks wonderful for her first day. she will do well...all that hard work you put in will pay off so dont be nervous...

if they put ninjas on the sign, they get double from me..smiles.

Travis said...

The little birdies are starting to leave the nest.

And that nest empties in to Chicago.

Hell, you're right to be nervous.

But they have good hot dogs!

Matty said...

She deserves congratulations for landing the apprenticeship. It's good training for her. I don't blame you for being nervous though. It's what parents do. And I did the same thing taking pictures of first jobs and school days.

sheri... said...

tori, you've got to be in heaven having nae home for the summer! all the chicks safely under mama's wings, teehee. it's not that we want to smother them but it's more in our makeup that wants them close, safer in our estimation!
thanks for sharing, makes my day to realize i'm not the only one ;)

Kelly Polizzi said...

Your daughter is so pretty. I love her big bright smile. Congrats to her! And I'm happy for you! :D

Barb said...

My first kid is only 14, so we haven't gotten to the first real job yet. Congrats to your daughter and yeah that she's living with you for the summer!

Baino said...

We're about an hour from the CBD via public transport as well so it's no biggie for Clare to travel into the city and the money is better. Your pan handlers are indeed young and he certainly doesn't look 'down and out' A for ingenuity I guess!

Anti-Supermom said...

That sign is hilarious, LOL!

Congrats to both your daughters, they should be really proud of themselves (and of course, you can be nervous for them - it's a mother's right!)

Lucky Girl said...

Mom's and nervous butterflies.. There is ALWAYS another first!