Tuesday, May 4, 2010

lunch with Nae and Bond...yes, that Bond

We had a busy weekend here.
It was prom weekend (hopefully, I'll get around to blogging about that later).
And it was the weekend Nae was moving out of her house at college.

Most of her housemates graduated and are going on to be "real adults" with real jobs.

Nae has another semester before she earns her environmental engineering degree. She will be living in a different house this fall with a different group of people.

A very bitter sweet time.

The Hubby couldn't be here because things are a little crazy at work for him right now so I took the train over. My dad and step mom, Ann agreed to help and met me there.

My dad rented a U-Haul and we loaded her things up to bring back to our house. Not sure where we'll put all this stuff!

It all went pretty smoothly.

Here are all the girls that have lived together the last few years.

Here are the "packers and movers" (minus grandma and grandpa).

After we finished, we headed over to a place (that's pretty well known in these parts) to have lunch.

While standing in line, one of Nae's friends came out of the restaurant and told us that Pierce Brosnan was eating there.

Nae, Ann and my dad decided they wanted to get a peak at him so they left while I waited to put our orders in.

A few minutes later they returned.

Nae was so excited "It is him! And grandma talked to him!"

"Really? What did you say?" I asked.

Ann says "Well, I went up to him and said 'we are trying to be polite and discrete but we are wondering if you are really the Pierce Bronson whom you look like?' ". And then he said "yes I am." and I said "well, it's really nice to meet you!" and then he shook my hand!"

Ann was smiling and so pleased.

Until I said his name is Pierce Brosnan. Not Bronson!



Brian Miller said...

you know i grew up wanting to be Bond...so that would have been way cool!

Bossy Betty said...

An exciting time for everyone!

From Tracie said...

Awwwww poor Ann!! That is so funny! If my mom had been there, she definitely would have gotten his name right...but she probably would have fainted, so that's not very good either! lol

blueviolet said...

How humiliating to have called him the wrong name!

I feel your pain with the massive surge of STUFF coming back home.

sheri... said...

as gorgeous as he is, as incredible as it was to see him in person, i'll bet you he wasn't the least bit flustered over his name! lucky you to have seen him!!
i hope everything works out well for nae in her new place...it's got to be rough to start over with a new bunch of girls when she had been so settled in with the last batch!
all of you are such great supporters...way to go!