Monday, April 19, 2010

new dog park

Ace and I were home alone this weekend so we set out exploring Saturday morning.
We discovered another leash-free dog park.

This is the fourth dog park that I've found.

Chicago burbs do an amazing job with their parks but when it comes to dog parks they don't advertise about them.

They are kind of hard to find.
I've searched on-line and only found two (a couple of the ones I already knew of).

The best way to find them is by just talking to people.

After I found this place, I was so excited that the next time I was at the dog park near my house, I started telling people about it.
No one knew of it's existence.

So I will keep talking to people and seeing what other places we can find.
It's kinda like a treasure hunt.
This park that I wanted to show you today is definitely a treasure!

It doesn't look like much when you first walk in.

lots of trails and open spaces.

I need to remember to bring Ace's ball next time.

Lots of little hidden trails leading to secret places.

Ace loves to run and explore them.

and then you come over the hill and get a peak at the river.

This is where it get really fun. Ace can go into the water (he's still a little timid about that)Ace loves this fence and all the "dog smells"

It's a big loop with lots of trails going off in all different directions.
This is the view as you head back to the entrance.

But my favorite part is all the flowers and trees all along the paths.
The rest is just pictures I took along the trails for you to enjoy.

Have a happy spring day!


Brian Miller said...

wow. very pretty piece of the trails myself...wonder if i can get someone to take me for a walk...

Bossy Betty said...

Great flower pictures!

Daffy said...

Your shots are beautiful! Ace is getting so big!

otin said...

Do dogs ever get into fights in the dog parks? They are unleashed, right?

tori said...

yes Otin, it doesn't happen very often. I've never seen a bad one (and I have been going everyday for 1-2 hours for the last three months). Ace has had a couple of "growling, barking, rushing at each other" kind of encounters but they are pretty easy to break up by distracting both dogs.
It seems most dogs there have been well socialized since an early age and love it.