Friday, December 11, 2009

for Amber and Brian

Life was going along rather smoothly at my new home,
I've almost got MY person trained.
Life revolved around me (as it should). MY person feeds me, plays with me, collects my poo (she seems to really like my poo-she grabs it every time I go! I know weird ehh?)

Then this morning....

then these strange things showed up at MY house.

for a while it wasn't so bad.
These things just made a few weird noises.
little squeaks and grunts
I decided to keep guard....

you never know what might be in those things.
then one of them made a horrible racket!

so I did what needed to be done.
I switched sides.

I'll guard the quiet one.

But then the one making all the noise stopped and the other one started!

and it got a little crazy.

and MY person pulled THIS thing out.

I'm not sure what is but it sure smells funny.

especially this end...

I guess this end isn't so bad, although MY person won't let me close for long enough to get a good smell and lick.
Then there was more noise from those things again....

and MY person pulled another one out (gosh! I hope there not anymore in there!)
and then the first one fell asleep on the chair
MY chair!
The one that I'm not even allowed to sit in!
so I show her!

of course she kicked me out!

and they both started making a ruckus!

and MY silly person got into this contraption
I began to get a little annoyed.
How is she going to throw MY ball?
How is she going to pick ME up and carry ME?

So the best thing for me to do is remind her whose in charge here.
so I rang my "go outside bell" and waited.

I'll let her pick up some poo. Then she'll know who's #1!


Kimi@SoManyKidsSoLittleTime said...

Ohhhh how adorable. Makes me baby hungry and my baby is only a year, lol

Straitjackets are Slimming said...

Poor Puppy!

blueviolet said...

Someone feels so dejected! But, the babies are so cute!!!

Deborah said...

That was so cute!!! The twins are just tooo cute.
Your a riot :)

mommyto3kiddos said...

Poor Ace! He doesn't know what hit him! :) The twins are adorable though!!! Have fun! :P

Brian Miller said...

ha. adorable post...such cute pics. and in the end i guess he showed you...poo. lol.

otin said...

I loved the puppy narration! lol

rxBambi said...

poor Ace! He needs some good lovin tonight :)
Those babies are adorable tho. I really need to come and help you out for about an hour or so.
I love that you use the bell. Is it working for you? I tried it, but couldn't keep it up. Grrr.

rxBambi said...

OMG!!! I just noticed you have my button!!! that makes me SO FREAKING HAPPY! YOU TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!!

Travis said...

For like 5 whole seconds I thought that the kids head in that last pic was your boob. That's hilarious.

That kids head looks like a boob.

Widge said...

lol at Travis!! I only saw baby head. Males aye!

What a gorgeous post! I only just found your blog so I'm wondering whose those gorgeous bubs belong too??

thanks for the entertaining post :)

Barb said...

Adorable! Reminds me of a book my mom gave us. It's called The Other Dog and it's told from the dog's point of view. She doesn't understand why her people added a strange dog (a baby) to the pack. But in the end she loves him. It's cute.
Great post. Great pics!

The Graceful Stitch said...

I so needed to laugh, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kelly Polizzi said...

i want that dog!

Iva said...

they are all just so cute!!

Gaia said...

Hey! Our dogs blog too! (when do they find the time between random acts of badness!) Those two bald puppies are really cute! Enjoy!

Mrs Montoya said...

I'm sure I missed something, but where on earth did those sweet babies come from? Poor Ace . . . I hope his person comes back soon :) Cute perspective!

Anti-Supermom said...

Twins - that looks so hard and unbelievably fun.

Sorry for the dog though~