Thursday, October 28, 2010

the basement project

The Hubby and I have been talking about finishing the basement.
We've been talking about it since we moved in
a year and a half ago.

Hubby has finished the basements of all our previous houses.
He's a do-it-his-self kinda guy.

Paying someone to do something he can do himself would drive him crazy.
Or at least that's what he says.
I've never witnessed it.
He has ALWAYS done everything himself.

But with the amount of time he is working here in Chicago, he hasn't had the time.

And I was getting sick and tired of getting sent to my room.

That's what usually happened when the kids had friends over.
Trying to not be the hovering mom can feel like punishment sometimes.

So we decided to do a "temporary fix".

He painted the floor with that garage floor paint (with sprinkles- just like a party).
He hung painters drop cloths to separate the storage and workshop areas.
Then we unpacked all our old basement furniture and junk.

Notice on the left that Tony has taped a goal on one of the drop cloths.

We bought a used pool table off Craig's List.
and set out the old foosball table.

The only other thing we bought was a used mini fridge from the Hubbies work.
And now we've decided that this might not be so temporary.
It's sure is nice not having to worry about kids wrecking the basement you just spent thousands of dollars finishing.
We've had some experience with that too.
Like when one of them spilt a giant glass of chocolate milk all over the new carpet down stairs and "forget" to tell anyone (but somehow realized it was a good idea to move a chair over the spot to cover it). Then they do nothing about it until we all start to notice this horrible smell coming from the basement.
Anyhoo, everyone has been spending a lot of time down there.
Everyone, except Ace.

Ace still finds the kitty litter box to be full of treats that are too tempting to resist.
To him, this is just an unexplained torture.

Life is so unfair.


blueviolet said...

Tori, that is a totally workable way to do the basement and I'm thinking it really could be long term! Ace looks hilarious there!

Lucky Girl said...

So there is a party going on down there with snacks and everything and poor Ace isn't invited?

Brian Miller said...

hey that turned out nice...i grew up witha pool table in the basement..lots of memories there...

McGillicutty said...

I feel it's so unfair we have boring little houses with no basements here... why no basements in GA??? Now that I'm a citizen and can vote I will only bestow that vote upon the candidate who will bring basements to Georgia.
look at Ace... awwwww let him down there and get rid of the cat... just sayin'.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

I say that that is a Perfect basement! Ask my carpet...And, kids don't care if the basement is done or not. Stress-free living is the life for me.

mommyto3kiddos said...

I think it turned out great for a teen hang out! And Ace is hilariou...poor guy! :)

Pam said...

We are discussing finishing our basement right now as well. Unfortunately we are not do it yourselfers and the estimate we got yesterday nearly made us faint. We've lived for 9 years with a "temporary" fix and I think we are just going to continue with that! Your basement furniture and 'stuff" looks a lot nicer than our "real" stuff. I say - keep it the way it is. And I must agree with everyone else that Ace looks hilarious.