Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet 16...

Mac turned 16 last Friday. I didn't get a chance to blog for her birthday because this weekend was spent running her all over the place to celebrate. I'm sure she was very bummed about that. Um, yeah.

We went to the Illinois Secretary of State so she could take her drivers test.

We had all kinds of issues getting her drivers permit when we first moved here. There was a bunch of confusion because she took drivers training in Michigan (but hadn't got her permit) so I would talk to one person on the phone and they would say "yes, it transfers" and then we would go into the Secretary of State office, wait in line forever, only to be told "no, it doesn't". Then I would be sent somewhere else...blah, blah,'s a long story and not worth going into. Let's just say it took weeks and it was very frustrating.

So Tuesday, we go back to the Secretary of State and for some reason it's all messed up in their computer system. We are told that we may have to go back to the school (because they do their drivers training through the school systems) and start the whole run-around again! After much arguing and one very nice young lady who took 40 minutes (after her shift was over) to make some phone calls, we finally got the "go ahead" for Abbey to take her drivers test.

That was until the lady behind the counter asked if both of my license plates were mounted on my car (front and back). Shockingly, I had procrastinated on getting the stuff to put the front license plate on my car (hey, it's only been 9 months!). Mac gave me a look of "fear and I'm gonna kill you" with a little "you are so embarrassing" (I think every look she gives me has a little of the "you are so embarrassing" in it--it's a reflex).

I told her I would take care of it while trying to act like I wasn't panicking inside (she would kill me! How many 16 years old want to wait an extra day to get their license?) I'm thankful there are men out there who always have duct tape handy.
I was going to post a picture of my tape job, because I thought it turned out quite lovely, but then I remembered the whole blog safety privacy thingie.

Mac on the train going into the city to celebrate

After waiting a total of 2 1/2 hours they called Mac's name. I jumped up to the counter and the lady looked at me and said with a chuckle "you can't go with her".
I was pretty shocked because in Michigan the parent rides in the back seat which seems like a pretty good idea. You know, if your kid fails the test it's a good thing to be there and witness why they failed.
I can only imagine how many parents sitting in the waiting area have a hysterical kid come back from the road test and are trying to comfort them while trying to find out what happened from the test giver.
With my other two older kids I dreaded the road test. The tension is so high in the car and my "mommy instincts" want to kick in and try to make it better some how but you have to just sit there and be quiet (automatic fail if the parent talks or gives direction in Michigan). It's torture.
But I'll take that torture any day over sitting there for a half hour wondering. There were two other parents sitting there with me. A big guy with his daughter who kept pacing and had a nervous laugh and a petite lady whose eyes were as big as saucers and she looked like she might vomit at any minute. I tried to lighten the mood by saying they should at least serve us parents some alcohol or a Valium or something. The big guys just continued pacing and laughing his nervous laugh and the petite lady just got up and moved down a seat. I guess it wasn't funny.
Through the window I could see Mac skipping to the front door. An obvious sign that she passed.
She didn't want to drive home "I have too many phone calls to make" she said. So I spent the next 30 minutes listening to "guess what!....I got my license!.....shut up!.....I know!....." over and over again.
Mac and Sarah figuring out the bus system

All I can say is I'm glad it's over. Only one more kid to go....
Oh yeah! and Happy Birthday Mac!


Brian Miller said...

happy birthday and congrats on the license...and for you living through it

Barb said...

I'm so not looking forward to this thing! My son turns 14 next month, so it won't be long. Happy sweet 16, Mac.
And if you see my sis and nieces this weekend, just know that they didn't invite me! I'm a girl. Why not invite me to the girls' weekend? I guess they wanted you and my cousin to themselves. :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing blog you have! Lovely photos, very refreshing content.

Thanks for sharing.


Baino said...

Ah been there done that. Parents aren't allowed in the car during the 'test' either. Now the fun begins, she's a lucky girl to have a car bought for her!

The EGE said...

Lucky... here in CT you have to wait till 16 to get your permit... then another 6 (or more) for the actual licence test.